Wednesday, May 28, 2014

.dot com.

fancy napkin got herself a .com handle! and a little facelift. 

what do you think? 
i know, not much pizzazz [or colour] going on but i am loving the clean lines and simplicity of how she looks. still have to clean it up a little, add a few more page links and fun for your viewing pleasure, but other than that...done.

i thought it might be fun if you are just joining us, or since i took a 3 month hiatus, re-discovering us! to walk you through a few areas of interest.

1] my 'hello' page gives you a little more info about me & my family. growing quickly from 3 to 5! yep, if you didn't catch this post here, i am pregnant with twins due sometime in october and we are elated!!

2] 'categories' basically send you to a new page of interest. i personally like the food section, but then again they are all my fav recipes so i may be a tad bit biased. that, and i'm pregnant so food is always on my mind. click on each link to have a look.

3] 'the skinny' link will take you to an upcoming project i am currently working on. seriously big news in these parts!! however since it's not quite ready to be published you'll have to be satisfied with my sneak peeks here and there on instagram or facebook. but i am beyond excited and happy about this and cannot wait to officially share the news with you all. coming very very soon...

4] speaking of instagram or facebook, you can go directly to those sites if you click on the little triangles above my 'hi there' picture. also applies to pinterest and twitter. obvious i know, but my not-so-savvy-with-the-computer grandmother may be reading this?! and besides, i'd really really like you to follow me. ha!

5] the 'shop' link will take you to some of my most favourite and currently loving items that you can purchase online. i update this regularly as i like to shop, a lot. however, for total and utter disclosure i may make a few cents off your purchase if you click and buy. just saying. but trust me, the 50 cents i might make doesn't affect my opinion or likes. what you see is what i've boughten or would buy. simple as that.

so that's a quick rundown of what fancy napkin is all about. i am planning on having more regular daily posts and perhaps a few of my fav re-occurring series; like my monthly favourites videos, my monthly shopping lists, book review videos, weekly recipes, bump style updates, my weekly happy things, perhaps a jack/kiddo style report and a monthly edmonton date-night review, just to name a few. 
hope this sounds like a good plan and i sincerely hope you'll check back once-in-a-while. i really did miss you.


  1. We Missed You Too!

  2. Yay! Welcome back!!!

  3. I think the new design looks great! And I'm super impressed that you are able to do this all with a toddler and being pregnant! I'm struggling to find computer time to blog with my 3-month old in my life now…unless I stay up way past my bedtime! ;)


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