Thursday, May 29, 2014

.jack's room.

jack's room is currently my most favourite space in our house. it's been completed for ages, minus a picture hanging or two, but most days i sit in my old beat-up vintage rocking chair [handed down to me from my grandma, which was handed down from her momma!] and smile while i watch jack play and explore.
with jack being our first baby, we had this little room completed well before he was born. you know how it is. it was one of those projects that just needed to be done so that my pregnancy with jack would feel real. and it really did help. once we started putting paint on the walls, nestled his crib into the corner and filled a bookcase with childhood treasures, i remember thinking 'whoa. we are really having a baby!'.
i also remember it being a daunting task to start. what colours? what theme? do we even have a theme? boy or girl? budget? baby enough? too adult-ish? how do i incorporate [fill in the blank]? it was never-ending and i probably changed my mind 100x before settling down with a simple colour pattern.
benjamin moore
since we didn't know the sex of our baby, i had to go gender neutral. and to be perfectly honest, that was fine with me. i don't really feel that you need to go pink or blue nowadays anyways. that being said, i definitely knew i wanted something that i would truly enjoy since i figured i'd be spending quite a bit of time in that space. i also knew that i wanted it to feel a little more 'adult', without the cartoons wall decals, etc. i figured as jack grew older we could always pull baby or toddler items into the room if he wanted them, with toys and stuffed animals. 

another small issue i had to work into the equation, besides it being teeny-tiny, was a dark cherry-wood hand-me-down crib that peter was determined to use, no matter what sort of begging i came up with for a modern square white one. in the end, i suppose it was where i went from thinking of a monochromatic colour scheme to soft whites and creams to the palette above. and to where a sort of 'woodsy feel' was born. remember this diy bookcase peter helped me fix up?

the room might have a bit more of a masculine feel but in the end, with jack being born a boy, it worked out to be the most perfect room. and i simply love it, which is all that really matters.
now with jack almost ready for a 'big boy room' [kidding! he's staying my baby forever!] and the twins due date only 4.5 months away, i'd better get cracking on their room! we haven't even begun to start in there! such is the life of the 2nd child [and third, i suppose! ha!].

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  1. Erinnnn I LOVE! those animal tails and hooks are seriously the cutest. So many fun things to look at - you must have had a ball buying up all those fabulous finds. Gabe has an OH BOY for his room too #greatminds. Are you finding out bebe 2 & 3's gender?

    Love you long time - xoxox


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