Friday, April 6, 2012

.Ladies + Easter + Brunch.

Doesn't all three of those sound like a marvelous time?
Ladies. Easter. Brunch.
I think so, and that's exactly how my Easter long weekend started out today.
My beautiful friend Stephanie invited me and a few lovely ladies over to her place for pancakes, fresh goodness and friendly conversation, which I happily accepted. I mean, you feed me at this point and you have a friend for life. With a full belly, "Good luck getting ride of me" may be my new mantra.
And can I just point out that Brunch may just be the best thing since sliced bread. Move aside dinner plans, Brunch is where it's at! I think it's the cool new way to serve and I plan on inviting people over in the very near future for just the sort of lovely morning I had. Thanks Miss Steph for a beautiful start to the day.
So here are some pictures of our sunny little gathering.
Oh, and she even sent us all home with Easter treat bags! How cute are these!?!? I now soooo get the excitement at a 4 years old party and going home with one of these suckers! Thanks again my girl! And thanks Kathryn, Honey, Krista for the multiple laughs. xo
Happy Easter Everyone!!


  1. Have a wonderful Easter. Looked like a fabulous lunch.

  2. So sweet, what a lovely way to spend a morning/ afternoon. Looking great girls.

  3. Stephanie GosselinApril 07, 2012

    Aww u always have a way of capturing the best moments...happy Easter xoxo


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