Wednesday, April 25, 2012

.Man Style.

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While I'm not here to take credit for Mr. T's incredible fashion sense [he really does have that "certain something"], I would like to think that I influence him a little in that department.
I tend to 'yeah or nay' most of his items and to be honest, I actually buy almost all of his clothes [he, like most men, hates shopping. While I....well, we'll just say I have no problem with it.....].
The man, however, is 100% responsible for putting his looks together.
And I think those looks are damn Fine.
dammmn fiiiiine.
Above are my picks for updating his summer wardrobe.

On another note....only 2 more days of room service and till I get to go home [I've been out of town working for the week] so I promise a few better posts next week, with more pictures and less "shopping picks". xoxo

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