Tuesday, April 10, 2012

.My Husband's Nightmare.

[flock of knitted pigeons. so adorable in a weird way. purchase here]
So lately I've been dreaming of our baby's little nursery. Yes, I understand it's a little early, but are any of you really surprised in me?  Me, being organized and design driven, I think probably not.
Also, while I go crazy waiting another couple months for our Euro-trip, it helps to pass the time.
Anyways, I'm totally getting off topic.....So, since I've been searching for baby things like mad, I noticed a little something in most of my pins:
I am loving anything BIRD lately.
What on earth is going on? My poor baby is about to be put into a basket of twigs and fed regurgitated worms or something.
And to let you all in on a little husband secret......he's absolutely terrified of birds. No joke. He has been known to casually push me into a flock of eating pigeons. And when I say casually, I actually mean tossing me into the flock while screaming like a baby.
I'm scared the poor guy will never enter baby T's nursery if I include any of the following
[and sadly I really like them all......maybe we can slowly work on this.....maybe.]
[just ordered a white one of these rocking birds and am utterly in love. found here]
[mod rubber ducks. perfect for bathtime. found here]
[christopher robin sweater. adorable. found here]
[diy bird mobile. so cute and full of possibilities! instructions found here]
[chubby bird pillow. found here]
[bird and cloud wallpaper. love this more than i should. found here.]
[charlie harper coloring birds book for little ones. so beautiful. found here]
See what I mean, it's becoming a problem!


  1. I love the ideas of the birds. They just looks so soft and sweet...gentle like for a nursery. But your poor husband.... :) In the long run I think he'll be fine. He'll be so in love with your baby, that he'll walk into a room filled with birds any day, just to see him/her. However, I probably would avoid hanging any bird items from the ceiling. That may freak him out if he walks in the room in the dark and forgets they are there. :)

    1. Maybe that's why I keep leaning towards the birds, they really are sweet and soft, unless you read the comment below, aka 'Demons of the sky" hahahaha.
      But on a more serious note, you really are correct. He's going to be such a good daddy, that I'm not too overly worried that he wouldn't throw himself into a flock of pigeons for our little "it" :)

  2. Ornithophobia is super common haha. I mean have you ever actually looked into a birds' eyes? Demons of the sky.

    1. There's a name for this "disease"? Hahaha, well husband will be so happy to hear that he's not alone! And Demons of the sky? I actually spit out a little tea this morning from laughing when I read this.

  3. You may have to give up this battle Erinn! {Poor hubby!} Haha!
    I DID just see the cutest OWL nursery though...

    xo Nik


    1. Isn't it a weird phobia? I'm so hard on the poor guy about it too. I tease him endlessly about it!


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