Wednesday, April 11, 2012

.Normal Person Shopping.

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As you all know, with the baby on board, I have to start looking [and thinking] about maternity clothing. 
But I just don't want too! Have you seen some of the amazing 'normal person' clothing coming out for Spring?
So fresh and bright! It is killing me that I won't be able to fit into these things come another month or so.
Here's what's on my radar this month
[and maybe a few pieces that still found a way to sneak into my wardrobe]


  1. Dont stress about maternity clothes. Ive had 4 kids and wore little maternity. Buy some of the reasonably priced things you love a size or two bigger!


    1. Thanks Heather! Great tip....and you are right, I think I can squeeze into a few of my fav's for a little while anyways :)

  2. Replies
    1. Wow Christine. I love that without ever meeting me you sure do know me quite well ;)
      [Also no. 9!]


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