Friday, April 13, 2012

.Oh, the places we'll go.

I read an article on Facebook the other day that mentioned 100 places to See Before you Die and it instantly grabbed my attention. I mean, it's not like I expect to see every single one of those places on that incredible list, nor is it common if you have, but just thinking about how amazing that would be was exciting. To be able to have the experience to even visit only half of those gave me goose bumps.
Now, I've said it before and I'll say it again, travelling helps people grow. Whether it educates you on different cultures, allows you some tolerance and understanding or just invigorates your soul, in my opinion none of it can be bad.
Even if it's a small camping adventure to a place you've never been or a huge african safari, I pray each of you make the best of your experiences. Grow with them, Learn from them, Allow your imaginations to run wild.
My wish for when our little babe is born, is that we'll be fortunate enough to take him/her to a couple unique destinations throughout it's life. I hope travelling will teach baby to love and be kind to others and bridge any gap between religion, race or color. Teach our baby to help others and show how fortunate we are. I also hope that it will bring a sense of intrigue and wonder to it's growing mind. 
Of course, not all things can be peaches and cream. I know travelling can be expensive and at times a little scary, but if you do your homework and save your pennies, every single moment you can create  will foster growth in both yourself, and those around you. Especially those little sponges we call children.
I have been fortunate enough to have done some travelling back on my cruise ship working days, but I look forward to doing a little more with the people I love. To share in all those experiences and have them live with us long into our days, with memories and stories.
So with our Europe vacation looming in the very near horizon, I promise to not take one little bit of it for granted. I have been invigorated and again reminded just how very fortunate we really are.


  1. Elise LandryApril 13, 2012

    I completely agree! I don't think anything can help a person grow more than visiting and experiencing other cultures. I hope the same for my future babes :)

  2. You should tell us about your cruise ship days! What did you do? (Or maybe you have and I missed it...)

    1. No, you haven't missed it as I haven't really written about it, but that's a damn good idea.

  3. Oh yes, I want to hear about the cruise ship days!

    and you MUST get to Portland Headlight in Maine (or really, anywhere in Maine) - beautiful place!


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