Wednesday, August 15, 2012

.at 32 weeks.

dress: Joe Fresh [similar] | shoes: Kenneth Cole [similar] | necklace: Tiffany & Co.  [gifted] | watch: Fossil [gifted] | sunnies: Tiffany & Co.
at thirty-two weeks:
::i feel significantly bigger, but my weight hasn't changed too much. i'm just a little more awkward i guess. 
::babe still really enjoys chocolate. and ice cream. and pie, my newest craving. oh, delicious raspberry rhubard pie topped with vanilla ice cream! heaven!
::i've basically resorted to a 'no-pants' policy when i'm at home. underwear is where it's at...which is basically a downgrade from living in my jean shorts full time like i was previously. win some, lose some.
::my husband has resorted to calling me a 10 year-old boy simply because of my full-time-only-underwear-at-home situtation, as per above. and i think it's sort of funny.
::i've finally discovered what heartburn is all about. and it kinda sucks, but i'm so so so thankful for tums.
::the heat was really starting to get to me. thank god for this rain to cool things off.
::i'm still 99% sure it's a boy.
::i love crossing things off my baby to-do list, which is insanely long.
::i'm a lot more sleepy than usual. naps are a glorious thing.
::i finally feel justified to park in the "expectant mothers only" parking spots. and i happily do it.
::i'm still feeling ridiculously good. besides the extra weight and a little pinched nerve in my back every now and again, i am still loving my baby belly. so very much.

For those of you who don't think in terms of weeks...this works out to 8 months pregnant with only 2 more months to go!
And yes, I cheated by taking these pictures at my 30th birthday party but I was feeling happy and radiant that day. But who doesn't on their birthday? 

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  1. You look great! I hope when the time comes for me I'm able to have adventures all over the world and be happy/comfortable like you!


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