Friday, August 10, 2012

.last day I get to say I'm twenty-something.

Well, friends. It's official. Today is the last day I get to ever tell anyone that 'I am twenty-something years old'. Wow. Tomorrow I will be 30.  
And to be completely honest, I've been feeling a little sad about it. My twenties where filled with some pretty wonderful events and I'm left feeling reminiscent. And maybe a little older. 
So today I want to close this door on my twenties and say farewell. I want to remember all the good things my twenties brought and all the growing up that I've done. I have had so many wonderful memories and it's been quite the ride thus far.
I worked on a cruise ship. It allowed me to travel almost the entire North American coast and then some.
I met my future husband.
I started my career.
I met some of my best friends to date. Local and afar.
I bought a house.
I got engaged.
I bought another house.
I planted a garden.
I got married [july 24, 2010].
I started my blog.
I adopted an old dog. Then nursed her and cared for her until she passed.
I got a promotion of sorts and moved companies.
I got pregnant.
I travelled all over Europe. And Mexico. And Montreal. And Vegas.
I perfected my cooking and gardening skills.
I learned how to be a wife.
I reevaluated my life & I am finding out what matters most to me. 
Finding out who matter the most to me.
And most importantly, Finding out who I am.

So good-bye twenties because now that I think of it, I have a hell of a lot more living to do in my Thirties. And you know what. I am damn excited about that.
Because already my thirties look to be shaping up into something great.
My sexy husband & our little babe. You are already making my thirties pretty darn awesome.

Now, excuse me while I go celebrate turning thirty with some pretty darn wonderful people and a weekend full of birthday events. xoxo


  1. I wouldn't say you perfected your cooking skills pt :)

  2. Hey Erinn, we'll see if this works..haha You have accomplished more in your 20's than most people accomplish in their very proud of yourself. 30's will even be better for you, trust me.

    It was great seeing you and Pete last wkd, thanks a bunch for coming and your delicious salad. You look amazing and that babe of yours is going to be gorgeous. Can't wait for my 2nd grandbaby to be born...

    Love Ya, keep blogging...

    1. Oh, I just love you K. You always are so sweet. And it was awesome seeing you and Terr-Bear too. Wish we lived closer for those impromptu bbq's more often.

      Till next time! We'll bring the baby ;)

  3. Happy Birthday Erin! May this day be filled with smiles from beginning to end!


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