Wednesday, August 8, 2012

.the baby to do list.

With the baby arrival countdown on [2 months away today!], I find myself constantly checking my to-do list over and over again. And I panic. Being the overly organized person that I am, having things still on that damn list is really starting to scare the bejesus outta me. I just don't know how this little sucker [being our baby and it's due date] creeped up so quickly. So this weekend, after some failed camping plans and a whole long weekend now open, I made it my mission to tackle as much 'baby' related items that I could muster the energy for. I mean, ready or not, this thing is going to happen at one point and I might as well get prepared.
Here's a look at my Baby To Do list and how I'm managing it.
Baby T's Coming Soon! 
[a to-do list for this procrastinating momma]
::Register for a pre-natal course. Probably should have done this a month ago....#1 priority at this point. And the lady is gone till Aug. 15th.....cross your fingers we can get a spot in the earliest class available. DONE.
::Go on a romantic date with husband. It possibly could be our last as a family of two [ekk!].
::Get a back massage. Since baby t likes to hang out real low it wreaks all sort of havoc on my back and nerve endings. A back massage is just what the doctor ordered. Literally. DONE.
::Get a pedicure. Since I can't see my toes as clearly as I used to be able too, a pedicure will make sure there's no knife daggers poking out ready to attack. And then, I also have something pretty to look at during delivery, right?
::Sleep. Nap. Get some needed zzz's. So this isn't as much of a "to-do" item as a needed reminder. But hell, anytime I can get some extra sleep is a MUST in my books. And I forget just how important that is to a pregnant lady. DONE and on-going....
::Make my felt mobile. I've been wanting to make a few crafts for baby and this is high on the list. Purchased supplies and now need to assemble. Tutorial to come if all works out. DONE.
::Book a few days off work. I am lucky enough to love my job, but that also means that I tend to push it too much. I need to plan to take a few extra weeks off before baby comes just to sort out my mind and give my body a rest. Hopefully this will allow me to take a few moments to myself before my entire world changes. Booked and DONE.
::Get our carpets steam cleaned. I know we will be soon hanging out a great deal more on the floor, and after having a large 110 lb golden retriever for the last 3 years as the family pet I can only imagine what those carpets are hoarding. A good clean will make me feel much better about laying and playing down low. DONE.
::Make some freezer meals. Heard this is a good idea for those nights when you can barely lift your head up because of the lack of sleep. These may come in handy [and are healthier] rather than buying take-out each night. DONE.
::Set up some shelving in baby's closet. Currently it consists of a single builders wire rack bar and it just looks so silly hanging mini clothes from the tall rack. Such a waste of space. We're thinking some extra shelving or a small bookcase of sorts is a must in here. DONE.
::Clean out the pantry. I need to make some needed space for all of Baby T's bottles, dishes, and food related items. We've decided [hoping!] it's going to be a foodie like it's mommy and daddy, so it will need it's own little shelf and there's simply zero room in that crammed pantry. It's about time for a make-over and a good clean. I believe they call this 'nesting'. DONE.
::Wash all the hand-me-down items. I have a bunch of items given to me from my lovely aunt kinga, but they have been in the basement for a few years with a ton of dust on them. Time to pull them out and give them a good washing.
::Pick out a stroller. So many options out there that it's a little overwhelming. I have a few favorites and now we just need to nail it down. DONE.
::Purchase car seat and install it. Need this necessity for the hospital to bring baby home in and it's fair to say that we're probably going to want to bring baby home so it's safe to say this is a priority. DONE.
::Book in maternity pictures. After originally booking one of the best photographers in Edmonton [pink sugar photography, who also happened to be my wedding + engagement photographer and who I also like to call a friend] and then having to cancel due to some bad luck [don't get me started on the house disasters [aka: big ugly $ disasters] I've gone through the last couple months] I am on the lookout for a small mini session to get a couple shots of the belly. Probably should get on this pronto. DONE.
::Wash all baby clothes and items. BUT first we need to buy a new washing machine....remember when I mentioned above about a few house disasters, well yes, this is one of them. Perfect timing as usual [argh]. DONE.
::Buy a new washing machine. As per above. DONE [but frustrated about it].
::Find a rustic wood bookcase. I'm looking for a vintage/rustic dark wood bookcase for random books and toy storage. Harder to find than I was expecting. DONE! [and a blog post to come].
::Register for baby. This was something that everyone said I should do. Apparently I am hard to shop for [which is very amusing to me considering I love a little retail therapy every now and again ;)]. So I grabbed my momma and we started things off. Husband came for the second trip and now we're all set. Thanks Westcoast kids for selling some rather cool items in Edmonton. DONE.
::Sew a baby blanket. Attempt to sew a baby blanket this should read.
::Sew crib sheets. See above. Tutorial here. DONE.
::Sew some new curtains. See above.
::Make a crib skirt. Find some material and whip something similar up like this tutorial from Christine. My tutorial here. DONE.
::Put up wood blinds. We've needed blinds since we've moved in [yes, 4 years ago] and this is the perfect time to install them throughout. Baby's room first up.
::Paint polka dots on a feature wall in the nursery. I'm calling in my crafty momma for a little help with this one today. I was originally going with a cool wallpapered feature wall, but chickened-out last minute. Paint is just easier to correct if needed. DONE.
::Get a haircut. Feeling great right before baby comes is something that sounds lovely to me. And especially with all the pictures, showers, and meet-the-baby events that I'm sure will be crammed into the next couple months, this is high on the agenda. And I probably should get a touch up before the maternity pic's, no? DONE.
::Create closet dividers. You know those cute little closet dividers that breaks up baby's hanging items by size? Yeah, I need to make something like that. Pinterest here I come.
::Read a book. This just might be one of the last times I get to do something like this after baby arrives.
::Buy a diaper bag. I found the most beautiful diaper bag [seen here. although it's not a diaper bag, but a lovely leather satchel] and I am hoping that I can cross this off my list with a little birthday money after next week [did I mention my big 3-0 is on saturday! Ekk!]. DONE.
::Pack my diaper bag. I need to fill this bad boy up with all the goodies needed for a little baby. Where to even begin.... DONE.
::Pack for the hospital. Get daddy's bag packed, my bag packed and baby t's mini bag packed. DONE.
::Book in a cleaning lady for the week I'm due. I feel like the best gift that I could give myself [besides baby t!] is a good housecleaning. I want to deliver baby and come home to an immaculate house. I'm talking baseboards wiped down and showers scrubbed sort of clean. Just on the hunt for a group-on or dealfind coupon and I'm sold. DONE.
::Stock up on baby essentials. I realize that I will probably get some awesome items from my baby showers, but the essentials aren't usually something that are given as gifts. Things like diapers, wet cloths, medicines, etc just aren't that fun, so I'm going to have to do a shopping trip for these goodies before baby comes. DONE.
::Sign up for some Aquasize classes or prenatal yoga. Gotta get my endurance up a little for all that pushing.
::Swap out nursery room light. Husband needs to put his experience to good use and put up baby's new pendant light fixture. DONE.
::Hang pictures and cool extras. Pretty self-explanatory. I have a bunch of cute pic's to hang and some cool knick-knack decor items that need to be placed out. DONE.
::Organize and put everything into place in the nursery. Even though we don't know if baby t is a peter jr or a mini erinn, I'd really enjoy it's nursery to be all put together before bringing the little one home. I already love spending a load of time in there, and having it all put together will give me a little peace of mind and comfort. I think it will also make this feel very real and help me mentally prep for what our new lives are in store for. DONE.


  1. - you crazy girl!
    - only 2 months away?!
    - a leather fossil bag in camel has been on my want list since Christmas - I think my followers are tired of hearing about it already... they did have mini ones at Winner's, but I'm of the school, 'bigger is better'.
    - can't wait to see your belly pics! Andrea is ahhh-mazing.
    - love polka dot feature walls, LOVE. I just pinned some vinyl dot decals for Saige's new room.
    - freezer meals are SUCH a smart idea, just don't do what we did and burn through the entire stash in the first 2 weeks.
    - can you make a bookcase out of pallets? Purolator gives them away for free.
    - enjoy your last few weeks of ME time.

  2. oh Erin, you're list overwhelms me and I'm not the pregnant one nor the one having to actually do it!!! I hope you have lots of help :)
    p.s any chance we'll get to see anymore of your favourite things you have already got for baby T?! haha actually scratch that, I'm just adding one more thing to your list then ;)

    1. I'm taking it day-by-day. Slowly checking things off the old list and trying not to get too overwhelmed. Thanks for thinking of me though, xo
      And yes. I will most definitely do more boards on my favorite baby things that I've snagged for little baby t :). That to me isn;t work at all. Shopping, yes please!

  3. eeeks, that is quite the list...but similar to mine! I deliver in I've got a couple extra weeks. hope you get through everything! A couple questions if you don't mind answering, since I'm in the same boat:
    -Which stroller did you end up deciding on? I'm so overwhelmed and don't know who to narrow it down!
    -Who did you end up going with for maternity shots?
    -where do you get your haircut?!?! I'm in the market for a new salon/stylist since mine moved away.

    I'm dying to see the nursery reveal!!

    1. Right behind me then :) Congrat's! It's exciting isn't it?
      And I don't mind answering at all......
      -I ended up picking the City Select jogger stroller as you can add an extra seat when (and if) the time comes for the 2nd baby. Then you don't have to buy another stroller in the future. It's also very modern and rolls like a dream. We loved it. A little cheaper than the Buggaboo cameleon that we where looking at too! Bonus!
      -We decided on a girl just starting out....her name is Meg and she's with ELS Photography. Really talented girl actually, but I will do a post very soon for you as I get them done on Aug. 30th. Hopefully we will be able to get some family shots done from Andrea later :)
      -Haha, I am actually going to a girl who just started her own salon. She hasn't even set up yet, and I'm not sure if she's taking clients yet, but her name is Camille and I will post some info about her in the next 2 weeks once I can get her new salon address and number. She literally just moved :)

      Hope that helps :)

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  6. The best thing in baby's to do list is to play in bouncer and baby swing. I see my happy playing in such stuff.


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