Tuesday, August 28, 2012

.edmonton review: prairie baker.

I have a little confession to make: This post has literally been sitting in my draft files for months. Like since April, so I am really not kidding. And I have no real reason as to why that is, because this was one of my favorite places to photograph. Who knows why I do the things I do..... 
I do know, however, that I must share with you the lovely morning that I spent with all the charming folks over at the Prairie Baker [which is located in St. Albert at one of my favorite places to spend a day, the Enjoy Centre].
They kindly contacted me to spend some time photographing, reviewing, and just basically hanging out behind-the-scenes to give you all a little taste of what goes on back there. After our initial greetings, I was blown away at the talent these bakers yield. From Master Baker Isabelle Davis who creates those mouthwatering-good loafs, to the man behind the gorgeous sweets you see in the front display window, Curtis Jones. Not only is each croissant, loaf, tart, truffle, macaron, streusel, or cake delicious, but they are also beautiful. Each piece acting as it's own work of art.
I highly recommend the Pullman loaf [my fav!] or be a little adventurous with the delicious Carrot Bread [a light rye sourdough loaded with fresh shredded carrots, organic sesame and pumpkin seeds]. I would also mention that you must try the passion fruit chocolate truffles and really any flavor of macaron.
And for those readers far and away, Prairie Baker has also kindly given me a recipe [click here to make the Raspberry Lemon Curd Macarons], so that you can perhaps bring a small taste of heaven home with you too.
disclaimer: I seriously had such a hard time choosing which photo's to share, as the food I photographed are all so scrumptious to look at. I warn you now....I hope your stomach is full or I may be sending you into a craving overload and running straight out the door to the Prairie Bakery.
Curtis Jones
A big thank you to all the staff at the Prairie Baker, for allowing me to spend some time in the kitchen, getting in the way and just basically trusting me not to drool over all the desserts and breads. It was very cool to see how you create your magic back there, and I am forever a loyal fan to the many breads, cakes, chocolates and especially those macarons that you create for us on a daily basis.
People! If you haven't been yet, I highly recommend!


  1. Wow what beautiful looking breads, cakes and sweets they have. I wish I had a bakery like that around where I lived. You can tell there's a lot of skill and love put into their baked goods.
    Thanks for sharing this article. It was worth posting even after all those months. :)

  2. *drooling* oh wow, I think I need to make a trip up to St. Albert!

  3. What a beautiful shop! I drive by the enjoy centre every time I visit my grandparents. I should stop in one day!

  4. I love love love them. Seriously. Thanks a lot for the craving, Erinn ;)

  5. yuuuum. The enjoy centre is one of my fav places to spend the day too. I was sad when the bakery got rid of their hungarian pretzels, those were the best!


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