Monday, August 27, 2012

.at 34 weeks.

dress: old JCrew [similar] | earrings: JCrew | watch: Fossil [gifted] | sandals: Urban Outfitters [similar]
Yesterday, all I could think was 34 weeks!?!? Seriously? Where has the time gone? 
And to me, 34 weeks means a lot of things, but most importantly it means that I have only 6 more weeks to go [give or take, depending on how stubborn our little babe decides to be]. 
I feel I'm in this weird mixed emotional bubble. A bubble of waiting. Of excitement. Of longing. Of anticipation. Of happiness. And even a little sadness. In one moment, I cannot wait to meet my baby and smoosh it with kisses and love, and then the next I am sad that this beautiful experience called pregnancy and growing this sweet baby is going to be soon over. I have loved [almost] every single minute of being pregnant and I just know I'm going to miss this ever-growing belly so very much.
at thirty-four weeks:
::i have begun to notice that simple things are becoming a little more difficult. like picking up a dropped pen or putting on my shoes. oh dear, and don't get me started on carrying the laundry basket!
::i am still loving the no-pants policy over at casa-de-trebaczkiewicz.
::i've decided that if i do have to get dressed, then dresses are the way to go. pants sort of suck right now. so uncomfortable.
::every single 'normal' shirt that i own, is now a belly shirt.
::i am loving the cooler weather. that breeze at night is like heaven.
::i am craving chocolate milk and iced tea. but not sweet iced tea. no, i want the cold tea kind.
::i know I am getting bigger and bigger each day. currently i've only gained 11 pounds total, but the doc said I should grow about 1 - 1.5 lbs a week. holy smokes, that seems like a lot.
::i am getting excited for my family baby shower that my lovely mothers are throwing us. how exciting to play games like 'smell the diaper' ;)
::i've noticed that i get a lot of random looks from strangers. they seem to want to know the story [they always do a look from me, to my belly, to my ring finger, then to peter]. it's human nature i guess.
::i am almost finished the nursery. just have to hang some prints, finish some diy's, get a new comfy chair and organize.
::i am still napping a significant amount. although, i've always been a napper, so not much has changed on that one. 
::i am super amused that my belly button keeps holding on. it just doesn't want to fully 'pop' yet. any day now i am guessing.

For those of you who don't think in terms of weeks...this works out to 8 1/2 months pregnant with only  a month and a 1/2 more to go!
On another note, yesterday Pete and I went to my work's 100th year celebration bbq over at old Fort Edmonton Park. It was a beautiful sunny day that we spent wandering around the old town and playing a little mini golf. Needless to say, I have no future as a putt-putt pro and Peter could seriously consider quitting his job to do it full-time. He annihilated me. Two hole-in-ones!
So, I blamed my game on the baby bump [sorry baby!]. ha.


  1. You look beautiful, this is such an exciting time! I know exactly how you feel about being sad that pregnancy is coming to an end, I felt the same way for both my daughters. I loved being pregnant!! It took about a month to get over it, but once you hold your little one it gets better :) All the best in your last 6 weeks!! P.s. I love that you didn't find out the sex of the baby, being surprised in the end is the best feeling in the world, xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Alessia :) and it certainly is the most exciting time for us! I like to hear that others feel the same....and that it goes away after a while. I know when I'm looking at that little sweet baby of ours, I'll forget all about my past worries. It'll just be about that little person we made :)

  2. You are looking SO fabulous :)

    I can relate about strangers-- I have often been asked what it's like to be a teen Mom!! Ha ha ha-- I just want to yell "I'm 28, people! Stop staring!!". And then there is the whole strangers rubbing your belly and then stopping you to see your baby and squish their cheeks.

    I am sure you will miss being pregnant sometimes, but I just know you are going to love when your baby is actually here!! Enjoy every last minute, you are radiating!

    1. Thanks friend.

      And yes, I think I experienced a little of that 'stopping you to see your baby and squishing their cheeks', hahahaha. I also hear ya on the I'm 30 people! Stop thinking I'm the next teen mom reality star! It's just too funny. Again, Human nature I suppose.


  3. You should definitely pick up a "hip hugger" laundry basket - was one of my smartest pregnancy purchases.

    I played mini golf a couple weeks ago and my husband had our daughter in the bjorn carrier, it was too funny. A baby for sure makes it way more difficult!


  4. You love cold tea but not the sweet one, that's odd because I usually see people drinking cold sweet tea.


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