Tuesday, September 3, 2013

.family photos - jessica leigh photography.

a while back my mother mentioned that she would very much like to get some recent family photo's done. i think the last set we took was from a sears portrait studio, a gift from my 11 year-old sister and my 13 year-old self to our mother for mother's day [oh, and they were un-real!], so needless to say i was totally on board with the idea! i was also 5 months pregnant at the time, so we waited till the little man was born before scheduling in a session. my mother found a great deal online and booked a fairly new photographer, named jessica from jessica leigh photography, and i have to admit at first i was a little skeptical. being the photographer lover that i am, i pride myself on knowing not only good, but great photographers in the edmonton area. i have given out countless recommendations to friends, have annoyed the crap out of my husband with our own bookings, and have gotten to know a handful of amazing photographers [and dare i call them now friends?!]. 
i have booked with arguably the best in the city for our wedding and engagement pictures [andrea from pink sugar photography]. i have tried out a few up and coming new photographers [erin from project life photography & paula from paula scherr photography] and adored both our sessions. i've done the labor session with arisa from mad bee photography that i will undoubtably cherish for the rest of my life. and i have been left speechless at the amazing eye, quality and creativity from a photographer who just has 'it' in every way [meg from els photography].
my point being - i wondered if we were we wasting our time with this newbie?

well friends i have to admit, we were left with some pretty damn good shots! yay! and i was so happy with the results, we booked my dad in on the action too with a session just for him! jessica was a pleasure to work with [such a sweetie!] and i say if you're in the market for some family photo's at a pretty decent price point [only because she's relatively new! so hurry!], i would def look into booking! thanks again jessica! the people over at fancy napkin wish you all the best in your new business adventure and can't wait for our next session!

here's just a little sampling of a few fav's from both sessions...

on another photography note [well, sort of!] have you voted for my little family for the h&m fashion family contest? it's still running till the 10th and you can vote daily! we're currently floating between 2nd & 3rd and could use all the help we can muster! we would totally appreciate the support and thank you x a million in advance [for you american friends, you need to use a canadian postal code to enter - t5t 1n2 - works just fine:)]

*all photo's by jessica leigh photography


  1. Awesome pictures!

    Would you share what you are wearing in each session? Super cute and coordinated!

    Many Thanks!

  2. awesome styling as usual, and thanks a million for the shoutout my FRIEND (of course we're friends!) xo.


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