Monday, September 30, 2013

.threads: big/little style - the mother/son edition.

a couple weeks back, i had the absolute pleasure of having over two of the most creative ladies i know for a little blog collaboration and play-date. the girls behind just bella and adventures in pinksugarland, or christine and andrea, respectively. if you've been following my blog for a while, you probably have seen this guest post from christine, or our wedding photo's done by andrea [she's also the talent behind the lens of pinksugar photography]. yep, not to gush or anything, but those beautiful ladies and i hung out all morning!

we let the kiddos run wild [i personally think jack was in heaven just following cole around, alice in heaven in my jewellery cupboards, and lila in heaven ransacking jacks bookcase], and then us ladies sorted through mine & jacks [extensive, as christine and andrea called them] closets for a special edition of those adorable big/little style posts that are a personal fave of mine over at just bella. 
this one, a special mother/son collaboration.

here is jack and i working our picks, but if you want to get all the links [and to check out christine's beautiful styling] click here to head on over.
we tried to get the suspenders on the dapper little dude, but with a grumpy and tired baby, this was all we were going to get. so we took our loss but still think he looks so darn adorable.

thanks again, ladies, for the awesome play-date and just fun being had all around. till the next round....


  1. You guys look SO good!!! Clearly you belong in a magazine (oh wait, that's already happening!!). We had so much fun doing this, thanks again!!

  2. Damn! You guys look so adorable Erinn!

  3. Aww, I love 'Just Bella blog' and now that I know you guys are friends, I love her even more!

    So so so great!

  4. So cute! Going to check out Christine now :)


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