Wednesday, September 18, 2013

.jack's firsts: camping.

this post is late in getting to you, but i didn't want to miss out on posting it and sharing another one of jack's firsts! camping! 

this was a 'cheat' camping trip as we just spent 1 night over in my parent's fifth-wheel, but there was a fire and s'mores so i'm counting it.
jack handled it like a champ, staying up as late as he could before falling asleep in grammy's arms as she sang him my childhood song, edelweiss. we also survived freezing to death [in the fifth-wheel no less!] after grandpa dan decided that april was warm enough not to turn on the furnace [it wasn't!!!].

all-in-all, it was a fun overnighter with my family. i guess its these simple and sweet memories that i want to preserve forever, and it makes me so grateful that i have this little blog to solidify them. 
^^^trust me jack's bottle was empty! and what a cheeky daddy^^^


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