Tuesday, September 17, 2013

.need, want, eat, make: jack's almost 1.

our little jack bugg is about to turn one.
all i can think is damn, where has the time gone?

i am literally knee deep in party decor at the moment, planning his first birthday, and just had to sit back and take a few minutes to reflect on the past year. gosh, it's been wonderful. and busy. and emotional. and full of growth. and full of love. and full of exhaustion, but just so so so amazing. as my good friend, who is a fresh new mother herself, texted me the other day "this is better and harder than i ever imagined" and i just couldn't agree more.

so back to turning one. gosh darn it. my little boy is getting big and old.
and planning a party is waaay up my alley, so i won't complain much ;), but here's a little that needs to be done.

need || every birthday boy needs a bowtie. that's fact. 
want || this superhero sweater is just plain awesome. and that's a fact too!
eat || i love this balloon cake so much. simple, fun and looks delicious. all wins in my book.
make || these birthday straws are pretty darn great. i think i could possibly make them myself with these colorful straws, however if time is running tight buying them from here also works! perhaps if they came in a buffalo check....hint, hint....a little sneak at jack's party theme ;)

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