Wednesday, February 22, 2012

.Oscar Party Menu.

Since the Oscars start at 5:00pm, I figured I'd better serve my guests some food.
And isn't that party etiquette 101. Serve good food.
So here are some suggestions, and a sneak peek on what I may be serving for my Oscar Themed Appetizers
{based on Best Picture nominees}
The Black and White Cookie
{photo via}
The ArtistBlack and White Cookies or Black & White Zebra Cake
The HelpSouthern Fried Chicken Wings or Chocolate Pie
The Descendants / Hawaiian pizza bites or Ice Cream balls on a stick or Plain ol' Pineapple Chunks with fruit topping
Pre-Frozen Ice Cream Scoops
{photo via}
Midnight in Paris / French Fries or Mini Quiche Lorraine
Hugo / Baguette with Toppings or a Cheese Platter
Moneyball / Gourmet Hot Dog Bar with lots of toppings {see bottom of post for topping suggestions}
{Photo via Eat. Live. Shop.}
Extremely Loud & Incrediably Close / Cake Ball "Big Apples" or Candy Coated Apples
The Tree of Life / Fresh Veggies and dips or Brie cheese {The Brie of Life! ha!}
War Horse / Carrot Slices with Bean Dip or Jam on Toasts
Cake Ball "Big Apples". I'm going to decorate Tim Horton's Tim Bites in red icing like the picture above! Perfect and Easy!
{Photo via}
Some other Suggestions:

*Oscar Statue cookies
*Hot Dog Bar: Ketchup, Mustard, Dijon, Sauerkraut, Relish, Jalepenos, Pickles, Banana Peppers, Grated Cheese, Mayo, Buns, Sauteed Onions, Beans, Tomatoes.
*Popcorn Bar with different fixings: Parmesan, Rosemary, Cheddar, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, White Cheddar.
Any other suggestions for some creative appetizers?? 


  1. Those apple pops are too freakin cute! I only wish I had the time to put something like this together!


  2. Wow these are all amazing ideas. I can't wait to see the whole thing come together. Good Job. You should definitely do the chocolate pie for the help I'm pretty sure there are a lot of recipes for it out there.

    1. I kinda HAVE to make the chocolate pie work, don't I? Without the 'special' ingredient.......

  3. I want to come!! How much fun is this going to be!! Take lots of pics!!

    Because Shanna Said So

    1. I wish you could come! And I will overload you folks with pictures the very next day. I promise :)

  4. Love! How fun. I keep fantasizing about doing a dinner party sorta open house for our new place doing just appetizers. One of these days...

  5. Love your ideas!!! Can't wait to see photos of your party!

  6. Wow, I loved this party menu! Thank you so much for sharing food list here. Have you ever been to the annual events at Chicago event venues? Actually I want to plan a party there and want to get some reviews. Please share if you have any idea!


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