Friday, February 24, 2012


So last night husband and I watched The Artist. You know that little silent film that is getting all the Oscar buzz these days?
Yes. It's black and white. It has no talking. And stars a couple newbies {minus John Goodman. He's a classic}.
And YES, I utterly adored it. 
It took a minute to actually get into it, and I will admit that I felt like a little something was missing throughout, but really, that's probably because I am so used to the high flying special effects that are in almost every movie these days.
I just can't stop thinking about it. I really, really loved it. The lead actor and actress where spectacular. They had me watching every single minute, and I couldn't wait to see what was coming next. All without words. Incredible.
You should go see it. And I'm not going to promise it will be for you, but just give it a try.
What I can promise though, is that it will make you appreciate the talent in this movie. And it's something totally different, which is very refreshing. Old, but New.
Also on the fashion front....those incredible dresses. I so wish I lived in that era. The Hand beading. The fur. The fringe. The Sequins. The Class. Just anything Art Deco and I'm in Love. Sigh.
Check out Gucci's Spring 2012 Collection! I'm telling ya....Art Deco is the way to go!
It just all had me drooling. Now to find the 'cheaper' versions.....
Gucci Spring 2012. Sigh. It's incredible.
These shoes leave me drooling. All over myself.
Are you kidding me with these two dresses Gucci? Seriously? WOW! Gucci Spring 2012. 

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