Tuesday, February 14, 2012

.Valentine's 2012 Edition.

{image via Andrea, pinksugar}
Like I mentioned yesterday, I CANNOT believe that Valentine's Day is today! 
This year, I had big plans {HUGE} on getting all crafty and trying out my first ever Valentine's decor. I really wanted to decorate my mantel similar to this or this, and simply lost track of time. {I simply don't know how they do it. And they both have newborns!! Maybe next year.......}.
 Things have just been crazy busy around these parts. But that being said, I still find it important to shower my handsome man with a little attention. Sans the Valentine's Day decor.
Now, I must mention that we're pretty low key when it comes to the valentine's department. We try to show each other love every day {gag. mushy. I know} so it sometimes makes me question the whole v-day extrazaganza. We usually don't do anything too fancy-schmancy.....usually just a really nice home cooked meal, share a bath, give some massages, maybe partake in a movie, and a little mmmmm.........
And it makes for a pretty nice night.
And this year is no different. We are having some massive lobsters and giant shrimps I scored awhile back. Husband will cook our meal, as he's kinda amazing in the kitchen. Then we'll pop in a movie, snuggle, laugh, talk about our future, and be reminded that it's the simple things that make us so happy together. That make us tick. 
Talking. Loving. Sharing. Laughing.
Just being together.
And maybe that's what this V-day business is all about. A simple reminder that you shouldn't just assume that you know you love each other, but make an effort to work on showing each other love every single day. Even if it takes one day a year to remind you that.
{photo by Andrea, pinksugar}
happy valentine's day, pistol p.
i love you.

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