Monday, February 13, 2012

.DIY: Valentine Boxes.

and although the stamp here smudged a little, this made me smile. a big fishy kissing a little fishy and blowing heart bubbles!
I can't believe it's Valentine's Day tomorrow and I haven't even mentioned it once! Where has this month gone?!?!
Anyways, last night I was busy as a bee putting together my Valentine's Day Cards. And I say cards, but I actually mean boxes. "Valentine's Day Boxes".
This was my interpretation on a Valentine's "card" for some special people in my life.
A sweet message that you only get after working your way through a sweet treat.
And it's ridiculously easy to do.......
You'll Need:
Small boxes
Candy of your choice [i picked jelly belly because everyone loves jelly beans!]
stamp with a cute picture like my big fishy kissing a little fishy [+stamp pad], optional
one] Construct your boxes.
two] Write a sweet message on the inside bottom of the box. You can also add a stamp if you'd like or draw a cute picture.
three] Fill box with your favorite candy till the message is completely covered.
four] Close box and add a pretty ribbon. Mail or hand deliver.
Happy Early Valentine's Day!!!


  1. such a cute idea!! And mmmm, jelly beans are so yummy :)

    1. Thanks Brandi :)

      I just wish I had some of your talent behind the camera! You're skills are insane woman!



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