Monday, July 30, 2012

.Happy Six.

My newest and very pretty coffee table book
I'm off travelling for a few days for work. And I'm already missing my bed and my husband, but I'm sure I'll survive ;)
There's just something about travelling by yourself when your pregnant that makes me feel needy.
So in an effort to suck it up and change my mood around, here's six things that are currenltly making me pretty darn happy.
A big beautiful bowl of fresh red berries
Enjoying a little reading from my new book by Emily Schuman [a fav blog of mine, cupcakes and cashmere]
A little dinner room service
One of my planters that has survived the wicked rain storms we've been having

Old school grape licorice shoe-strings. Yum.


  1. Are we allowed to ask what kind of job lets you travel for work? :)

    1. Yeah, of course :)
      I work for Siemens Canada. We do a bunch of travelling, but it's not always peaches let me tell you.


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