Thursday, July 12, 2012

.Stella & Dot: Fall 2012.

Windsor Tassel Necklace
As per each new season, Stella & Dot has just released their new Fall 2012 line and a few of these pieces have me drooling.
I cannot wait for my order to arrive and I'm sure you'll see me sporting a few new items non-stop.
 Demi Layering Necklace + La Folie Necklace in green

Love these in both colors! Gigi Studs.
Secret Garden Cluster Necklace [Fyi: looks great doubled with the Hematite Chain Necklace]
Gitane Tassel Necklace in silver or gold. Can be worn 3 Ways!
Lillith Fringe Earrings + Starstuck Ring
[And because I have to do a little pitch...but also because I really do have some free goodies for you!]

Please remember that as a stylist I am more than happy to place any order for you and I always enter anyone who does make an order into a free gift draw each month, just because!

Also, if you book an actual party you get to choose a free gift right then and there just for the trouble of gathering your friends and having me host AND that's along with all the FREE JEWELRY and 50% credits you get as well!!!


  1. AnonymousJuly 13, 2012

    I love Stella & Dot! I have an order that I'd like to make from you on that first necklace (the Windsor) and those Gigi studs in black. Sending you an email right now :)


  2. AnonymousJuly 13, 2012

    I'm looking to book a party if you have time in August. I'm new at this, but hope you can answer some questions for me. I live in Edmonton and have a ton of friends who die over Stella & Dot.....will email you right now.

    Rebecca L


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