Thursday, July 5, 2012

.London, England.

big ben
The last stop on our little adventure. And I didn't know if I was happy or sad about it.....or perhaps a little of both. Kind of a bittersweet feeling if you know what I mean; Excited your heading home, but sad to have it all end.
But I was ready. It was the perfect trip and I was craving a little downtime in my own bed. Not to mention, I missed my family.
We were gone a total of 26 days from start to finish and while we were away the trip was perfectly paced, without feeling rushed, but then when I look back I can't believe we had just gone through almost an entire month! So again, a bit of a bittersweet moment.
However, this is about London.
Beautiful history-filled London.
We spent the first night we arrived visiting a new friend of ours, Rhian, who lives there. We unfortunately didn't take any pictures that night [silly us. I know you're all pic's!] so trust me in saying she assisted us greatly in navigating the underground subway system and city. We also shared quite a few laughs, so Rhian, if you're reading this, "Thanks Lady".
The next day was filled with as much sight-seeing as we could manage. We visited the London Eye; Strolled past Big Ben; Posed in front of Westminster Abbey; Shopped at Oxford Circus; Checked out Buckingham Palace; And got stuck in a quick rainstorm. Oh, we also watched a little of the England vs. Italy Euro quarter finals soccer match playing that night. 
So I'd say in one day we really got the total English package. Rain and Soccer.
london eye + big ben + pistol pete
westminster Abbey
westminster abbey
westminster abbey
buckingham palace
Till next time Europe, xo.
[And just in case you missed any, here's a recap of our adventure: Edinburgh; Dublin; Oswestry; Manchester; Santorini; Athens; Nice; Paris; and London]

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  1. terri (momma)July 06, 2012

    WOW!! What a great memory that will last a lifetime! So glad to see you took lots of pictures as a reminder until you return again one day!!


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