Tuesday, July 3, 2012

.Nice, France.

With only 3 more stops on our European adventure left [i promise to be back to Fancy Napkin's regular routine soon!], we where overly excited about them. We've always heard such amazing things about the french riviera and Nice was our top choice. We booked a hotel in the heart of the shopping district [which meant trouble :)] and it was situated perfectly in relation to just about everything else.
I think I must have lost 10 lbs walking around that city the 3 days that we where there.
We visited a antique flea market [total surprise highlight]; Strolled the inviting Promenade des Anglais; Browsed through the Cours Saleya Flower Market; Ate pizza, escargot, duck and steak tar tar in Old Nice; Sampled different gelato's at Fenocchino's every day; Checked out the Notre Dame de Nice; And did a little shopping for family back home.
And Nice was gorgeous. We just loved it.
I can totally see why it's a holiday mecca for Europeans. Palm trees, beaches, friendly people, and just a clean beautiful city.
My only regret was that we ran out of time before taking a couple day trips into Monaco or Cannes. Next time I suppose......
bagette's and espresso each morning
carousel in the park
promenade des anglais
fountain in the square
browsing the antique flea market
shopping for a few original 1930's prints
wanting to take home everything i laid my eyes on. seriously.
the french riviera
palms and lushness everywhere
a couple of canadians in old nice after dinner
admiring the cours saleya flower market
a preggo in heaven amongst all the cheeses, candies, chocolate and fruit

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