Friday, May 20, 2011

.May Long.

Aren't long weekends a glorious thing?
Ya, I would say so. It's like that one extra day allows you to let go and really do what makes you happy. Whether it's just relaxing and finishing that book, spending some extra time with your family or friends, getting some things done around your house, or just giving yourself one extra night out to go along with one extra sleep in.
Here's my weekend plans, in picture form (haha, enjoy the wonderful snaps!). 
**And be warned, it involves a lot of 'nothing', which I couldn't be happier about.
Putting a dent in this book.
Planting a few of these bad boys in our backyard.
Taking multiple dips in the new tub.
Trying out a recipe from my new cookbook, "My father's Daughter" (Gwyneth and I should seriously be BFF's).
Watching this movie, with my handsome fella (and drooling over Ryan Gosling, Mmmm)
Throwing a ball with our pudgy girl, and watching her die with exhaustion.
Taking pictures, for my new 'friends' feature, of this pretty lady.
Sleeping in way later than I should, and not feeling guilty about it.
So what are you planning on doing this May Long Weekend?

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  1. don't do it. don't watch blue valentine. nik and i saw it in theatres, and sat in our cars and cried...for a while...afterwards. it made me seriously sad for about a week!

    good movie, but saaad.

    call me once you've seen it. i've got a pick up ready for you...a quote by mr. handsome himself from a magazine...the way he worded his explanation made me feel a little better about the whole thing.



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