Sunday, May 15, 2011

.Welcome Back.

Phew. We have Returned.
And with a Vengeance!
Flew in late a couple nights ago, and have been busy little bunnies ever since (you'll have to stay tuned to find out what we've been up to!) And I apologize that this may be a few days late, but like I always say
"Better late than Never"!!!!
So that being said, here's a little Montreal Love for you all that I'd very much like to share.
Be prepared for picture overload.
We fell madly in love with this big city and dare I say it, it may be my new favorite Canadian City.
Just arrived. At our first cafe stop and about to enjoy a sampling of some yummy mussels.
Our Adorable Hotel Lobby. Downtown Montreal.
Visiting a MUST in Montreal. Schwartz's, for their Famous Montreal Smoked sandwich. 
It was incredible. Just look at that line-up to get in, which never died down.
Our nights were filled with some of the MOST delicious meals we've ever had. Those French-Canadian folk sure know how to eat. I'm almost positive I'm 1/2 french. I must be.
Here we are at the hard-to-get-into 'Au Pied de Cochon' restaurant, translation: Pig's Foot.
It was make-you-moan-out-loud good.
FYI: We also had the opportunity to check out Check Hughes Restaurant, Garde Manger, from food network's show 'Chuck's Day Off', and well.....let's just say it's getting it's own blog post. Stay tuned. 
Here we ate brunch at the coolest place. L'Avenue is a local favorite, with an edgy rocker feel. Graffiti on the walls, silver mannequins, and disco balls helped shape the atmosphere.  They also had the best baby potatoes my lips have ever tasted.
Switching gears, we decided to headed over to the Art Gallery for a little Culture.
Rode some rental bikes over the Montreal Forum, and got a couple pictures in the old stands.
We also walked through Old Montreal (which is phenomenal by-the-way: cobblestone streets, horse and buggy cart rides, old brick/stone buildings - just beautiful.) We got some mild sunburns, beer + sangria and shared a tasty poutine. 
Then strolled through the old town holding hands, just like the lovers we are. You know those obnoxious couples that just can't be that happy. Yes, that was us.
We checked out Old Notre Dame Basilica. Beautiful and Grand.
Drank coffee on park benches, and people watched on the steps of gorgeous buildings. And just an interesting note, we only saw about 3 Starbucks our entire trip. Seems they haven't yet taken over Quebec. And to be honest, it was a refreshing change.
We Love You Montreal.  
And all your infectious energy and spirit.
Till we return, New Friend. Till we return.

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