Saturday, May 21, 2011

.Miss Presley Jane Elizabeth Orr.

Ohh Sweet Baby Girl, Welcome to the World!
Already you are so very much loved.
Early this week, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this gorgeous little peanut, Miss Presley, who was born on Friday, May 13th, weighing 7 lbs 2oz, and already looking like the Beauty Queen she is.
With a gorgeous head of thick black hair, a cute button nose, and plump pink lips (seriously all her perfect little features will make you cringe with envy), you just know this little princess will be crushing hearts in no time.
Especially, her Auntie Erinn's.
Just check out her cute little faces!
She already owns me completely, and I'm fearful she'll get whatever she wants, whenever she wants from me.
**So mommy be warned: Babysitting at Auntie Erinn's + Uncle Peter's, are sure to include wild sugar highs, lots of new toys and clothes, and a few 'no-no' learned words!
I have a feeling this little one will have some spunk, be a tad bit stubborn (which I so love in a little wee one), and come equipped with one of the biggest hearts. Just like her wonderful Momma.
Ohh and what a good momma she is.
Baby girl, I cannot wait to hear your sweet little voice, and share in your giggles.
Presley, you and I are going to be best friends.
Love you, Sweet Little Peanut.

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