Tuesday, May 17, 2011

.Versatile Blogger Award.

Yeah Me!!
Sorry, just doing a little happy dance.
I've been given the 'Versatile Blogger' Award!
One of my daily blog creeps, athoughtinthemindof, has awarded the Fancy Napkin as a versatile blog! Thank you lovely Nik, Thank you!
This means a lot to me, as I pour my thoughts and heart out here on a (*mostly) daily basis. I try to focus on an array of topics (versatile blogger!) to keep my many random thoughts in check, and not allow myself to get bored on one specific thing. The feedback has been so positive from everyone, and all the support is overwhelming. I love receiving comments, and sometimes find a smile appear on my face when I realize that someone, who I didn't know read the Fancy Napkin, is actually reading it on a daily basis! 
Pretty powerful motivator let me tell ya.
So as the blogger rules go, I must share 10 facts about myself that you may not already know. Then I have to send the award off to 2 Versatile Bloggers of my choice.
So here goes:
1) When I am cold, the tip of my nose turns to ice. Not my feet, but my nose. It's the first to go.
2) I absolutely love hot dogs. Crave them in fact. It's not normal. Especially BBQ or Street vendor dogs.
3) My nails are always short. I can't keep them long for the life of me, though I wish they were. 
4) I have a secret longing to become a photographer. Like professionally. 
5) I have an obsession with slippers. They must be on my feet at all times. Okay maybe just at home, but still. 
6) I am a terrible 'throw-together' cook, but I am a great 'cookbook' cook. Guess this chick knows how to follow directions.
7) I've been going to see the Nutcracker ballet every Christmas since I was 14. I missed it last year. And I was very sad about it.
8) I am usually the one who takes out the trash on garbage day. Hubby fails at this miserably. 
9) I always wear mascara, ALWAYS. I can go without any other type of make-up, but mascara is a must.
10) I pick at my split ends, and my hairdresser gets mad at me.

And my Versatile Blogger Award goes to:

(a new food blog that I creep on daily. She's a vegetarian, but is so versatile in all her meals, even a meat lover can appreciate her creativity!)

Dash Dot Dotty
(a stylish fashion blogger, who I look to for inspiration. She can mix everyday pieces and not break the bank. She looks like a pretty cool girl, and I think I'd like to be friends with her)


i think comments are pretty awesome!