Thursday, May 19, 2011


So I had to have a little laugh today, amidst my daily blog creeps.
There seems to be a common trend these days in the blog lovin world. 
And I'm proud to say, I've was on-board (and apparently on-trend) many, many months ago.
Just a little thing called Pinterest.
And it appears that it's on every bloggers mind!
Warning: Don't click on link unless you find yourself with copious amounts of extra time on your hands, or if you just want to be entirely enveloped ever more so with your laptop. Trust me, You WILL spend hours on it. I promise.
It gives you cool sayings like this:
See, Pinterest is really the most brilliant idea since facebook, in my opinion. It mostly seems to attract the creative & crafty sort, especially photographers, bloggers, fashionista's and chefs in the making, but I can see it growing  even more popular by the second for all sorts of people. Gardeners, decorators, book worms, you name it!
And it gives you cool recipes like this:
Probably still wondering what the heck it is right?!? 
What is does, is take your favorite pictures, saying, recipes, whathaveyou, and collectively place them in one easy to find place, called a 'board'. You can share these pictures, and inspirations with 'friends and follower's' and you have yourself Pinterest. Basically your very own on-line inspiration boards!
Brillant right? Saves yourself all the mess from magazine clippings, and clutter!
And Cool Craft Ideas like this:
I personally, have been it for about 8 months now, and let me tell you the hours spent pinning, and re-pinning. It's an addiction. I think I have over 3000+ pins! And the neglect poor hubby has felt because of it (sorry Hubby, I really do love you more than my 13 boards).
Now, I'm not saying that I'm super trendy or super cool for being one of the first's to join this new pinning world, but I will say that I was super lucky. A good friend of mine mentioned pinterest ages ago, and I instantly ran home to find out what she was going on, and on about. Wowyee. Instant love.
I'm just sorry about keeping it all to myself and not sharing the love sooner.
For that I apologize.
Now run, find yourself some 'Boards', and Happy Pinning!

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