Thursday, May 26, 2011

.Reason #345 of why I'm a housewife in Training.

I've made the Husband a nice dinner two nights in a row, and tonight Husband is going to do a little electrical work for a friend {in other words, he won't be home}, so it's just me and Bella baby.
Well, I'm sure you would assume that I'm off the hook for my Good Wife duties right?!? Ya, I thought so too, but apparently I'm not. 
Here's how it went down:
Husband asks last night before bed, with his cute-as-a-button face, "Honey, what are you making for dinner tomorrow?", I reply "Why?, You're not even home", and he bats his long eyelashes and gives me his I-can-get-anything-I-want smirk and says, "But then I will have no leftovers for lunch on Friday." 
And the saddest thing is, I am now making a nice dinner tonight. For myself. And for Husband to have leftovers for Friday. 
Ugh. Am I a Housewife in training or what?
'But hey, I got you Babe'.

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