Monday, June 13, 2011

.Bits from my Weekend.

Cracking this book {slower start, but I'll push through. I see the potential}
Being a Foreman on this job site
Munching on some fresh Watermelon {My first of the season!}
Dinner at Corso 32 {again, whoo-hoo!} with my crazy family. My momma, Step-father, sister, and Hubby.
Celebrating with cake for my Step-Dad's + Sisters Birthday's
{she's one week early mind you...her's comes in the 2nd half of June}
Happy 27th & 55th!
Sampling some Homemade Ice Cream {See! Told you I'd do it! It was creamy and delicious!!}
Sunbathing in my yard {with Miss Bella} under the hot, hot sun.
Watching my funny puppy take a dip in her pool {she loved every minute of it!}
Taking sips from the hose {almost like when I was little girl again}
All in all, a very successful weekend!


  1. That is a stunning photo of you!

  2. Thanks! My sister took it....I think she's getting better with my camera than I am! ha


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