Monday, June 6, 2011

.Rules of Summer.

Whitewater Rafting. Golden, BC. 2007.
These past few weeks, it's fair to say, that I have been feeling less than inspired. 
To do anything really.
I want to blame the summer weather; as it heats up, my body feels like it wants to do absolutely nothing. Like lay in the sun, and not move at all. But I know the weather isn't to blame, see during my daily blog catch-ups (or creeps, let's be honest), I see my 'best blogging friends' doing a whole lot of everything. And if I'm not mistaken, are they not each going through 'Summer' Too!!
Hello, Body! Hello, Mind! Wake up! Can't I be just like those ladies??
Each of their daily posts are fun, breezy, colorful, glamorous, picture-perfect, inspiring, and really just makes me want to scream at my computer with the question of "how do you manage it all?"
{Keep in mind that it's a Happy scream (I do really like these ladies) OR maybe we'll say an Envious scream. But a scream non-the-less}.
See these ladies usually inspire me to be More Energetic. More crafty. Make healthier choices. Become more Fashionable. More cultured. More loving. More everything
But my body/mind just wants to do nothing. It's in lazy mode.
And then I'm back to square 1, Looking at an blank computer screen, with nothing to write about, and thinking an afternoon nap sounds just about right. 
And the most frustrating part is that it's not like I have nothing to do. I have so much to do {Landscaping & New Job, to name a few big ones}. There's so many things going on around me that I can't seem to catch up. It's like I'm always busy, but cannot for the life of me, get anywhere.
And it just gets me stressed. In the summer. Isn't that illegal or something?
So I'm devising a plan. 
A 'summer of Inspiration' Plan.
A plan to change the way I'm feeling. Stop feeling sorry for myself, stop feeling stressed, and get motivated. A New Erinn!
"I Declare this the Summer of Erinn!!"
{little Seinfeld reference for those of you under a rock}
1) Working out {sounds dreadful, and it probably will be, but the positive energy that you feel after a decent workout is just what this girl needs. And remember, the hardest part is getting there}
2) Start weekly meal planning for healthier eating {sounds simple enough right? well, one of my daily stresses is what to make for dinner. I freak out when I stare at my fridge and see a ton of food, and don't know what to make. Silly, but it always happens. So I am planning our meals. Every. Single. Week. Minus the weekends....we like to eat out on most weekends.}
3) Read, rather than watch TV {it's pretty bad sometimes. Hubby and I snuggled up in bed, and just watching mindless TV episodes, one-after-the-other. I am now going to read, with the goal of 10 books before september, to stimulate my mind}
4) Picture practice {It's also very frustrating to me that I bought this shiny, new, expensive camera and I barely know how to use it. Practice makes perfect, and even though I keep saying it, I am going to Practice. Starting now....friends/family hide!}
5) Go Camping {I love getting out in the middle of nowhere, and just being with nature. Well, to a point. Maybe even do a little more of that (see above) picture. But last summer I didn't get out once, and I won't make that mistake again. I will be camping at one point this summer, mark my words.}
6) Take a Summer Cooking class {a few local restaurants put on summer cooking classes. I think this would be an awesome date idea, and would help with the cooking mind-fart I'm currently experiencing}
7) Keep my Garden weed-free! {You're probably thinking I'm loony bins for this one, but honestly, something is so darn relaxing about being in my yard. Out in the fresh air, quiet, calm. It's all very therapeutic for me. And my garden will never look better!}
8) Learn to make Homemade Ice Cream/Gelato {made with Fresh Fruit! Because doesn't that just sound delicious?! And maybe a fun way to get some more fruit into the body}
9) Take in some sort of Food Festival or Amatuer theatre {I think heritage days may be fun. Learning about different cultures with Authentic Food. And I've never been, so it'll enhance my culture for the arts. Fringe festival may be capturing my attention this year as well.}
10) Shopping for my Veggies + Fruit at the Farmers Market {I love walking through the various farmers markets, and checking out all the produce and crafts. I hardly ever make the time to actually do this, so to go along with my meal planning, I will be sure to buy what I need for the week and make this happen.}
11) Finishing our Deck {okay, this falls more towards my Husbands 'honey-do' list, but I still gotta keep up with the housework, and cooking while he's outside doing the hard labor. So it's on my list. Whatcha going to do about it?}

Now, What's your Summer Plans??


  1. I have a perfect little subject to give Bella a break from having her picture taken for #4 and I would really like to be involved in #10!

  2. I would {and will} take you up on that for both #4 and #10! haha, I'll happily take pic after pic of You and Miss P. And yes, I said YOU TOO! xx Thanks Friend. You always make me feel supported and loved. xx


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