Thursday, June 23, 2011

.Summer Relaxation.

Have you been feeling like the little bit of summer that we get each year, especially here in Canada, is quickly slipping on by and you just haven't been able to enjoy any of it? 
Ya, me too {it's almost the end of June?!?!}
Then I came across this article over at Martha {we're on first name basis', sort of like BFF's} that gives 60 Unique ways to relax and have some fun this summer.
I took my favorite 30 and put them here for you to enjoy also.
30 Unique Ideas for Summer Relaxation + Fun
{pictures are all via Martha Stewart}
1} Make your own mood mists....they are known to balance out your mood.
2} Make your own Skin Brightening Mask. Help make your skin rosy and glowing all summer.
3} Make a Handmade Kite. Then fly it like a kid again.
4} Pack a picnic and head to a park. Better with a loved one. You can snuggle.
5} Try an Outdoor Yoga Routine. Get routine here.
6} Make your own Fragrant Tea Balls. This actually sound so relaxing.
7} Read in a Hammock. I adore hammocks. And it just may be on my outdoor wish list.
8} Try this Weekend Revival Plan.
9} Make some hanging Candle Chandeliers. I will actually try this. For sure.
10} Or Maybe I'll make these....Hanging Lanterns. Or maybe I'll just make them both.
11} Visit the local dog park. Or try out some new trails. Toto will love you.
12} Tiki-Torch Anchors. A new twist on the tiki torch. Would be good to keep the mosquito's way.
13} Make your own Beach Body Scrub.
14} Instead of spending a lot of money, try an At Home Spa.
15} Go for a Bike Ride.
16} Love these DIY Light bottles.
17} Throw a cool themed party with these Vellum Shields.
18} Make some ice cream. Or try this easy Melon Sorbet recipe. Or try Ice cream on a stick.
19} Go to a baseball game and bring a bag of sunflowers seeds. Or try out Kick/Soccer Baseball.
20} Sew up some magnetic garden gloves {I need these}.
21} Make yourself a cheese spread. Tips here.
22} Have a BBQ out at the park.
23}Make these Beautiful Flower Votive displays.
24} Make some cool Mayonnaise dips to spice up your summer Burgers.
25} Make this Berry Spread from your abundance of summer berries.
26} Make some Natural Plant Markers for your herbs out of flat river rocks.
27} In the sun too long? Make your own Sunburn Soothers out of natural ingredients. Here also.
28} Make these delicious Ice Teas.
29}Make some pickled veggies. Super easy!
30} Host with this beautiful natural centrepiece. Make it all by yourself. Feel proud.

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