Friday, June 24, 2011

.Face Lift.

Hello my friends. 
You may have noticed something a little different about today. Mainly, my new facelift!
What do you think? 
I'm playing around with some cleaner images and thought 'it needs to be white'. And this is what I came up with. Nothing too crazy, but I do think it is easier to navigate and view, so I hope that you like it. I'm also looking for a new heading. I'm thinking something with a funky picture and 'Fancy Napkin' thrown across it will do nicely. Hang in will come. Just need to take the right picture.
Also, I'm wondering if there's anything of particular interest that you would like me to write about?
Hmm?? Any Suggestions??
Sometimes, I can stare at a blank screen for hours, and come up with nothing. And I know I've really started to lose it, when that makes me feel like a real Pro. See, I envision {in my warped little head}, that must be what happens when you are writing a novel; You know, 'Writer's Block'.
Then, I snap out of my imaginary world and realize that I am just a procrastinator and much closer to the looney bin than to being a professional writer.
{have I lost you yet?} 
So anyways, what I was getting at is this:
Send me some suggestions so I don't bore you to death.

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