Thursday, June 30, 2011

.So the man can Run.

And he's sorta fast. Like lighting quick fast. 
My little Marathoner.
So this past weekend, I followed Husband and a couple of his friends {Mr. Greg and Mr. Jason} out to Kananaskis to do a little marathon running. And man-oh-man, those boys sure know how to move those buns of theirs! They all beat their estimated times, and we {the happy wives club} are very, very proud.
Then we celebrated Morgan's Birthday. 
Happy Day of Birth Beautiful Lady.
I baked her a pretty cake and she blew out the 'candles'.
{ok fine, baking did not happen. but i did buy it for her} 
And then some of us hugged {Man-Hugged, that is}
All, in all, a pretty darn good weekend.
p.s. Morgan, I still owe you some nails {and a little red polish}

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