Monday, December 19, 2011

.10 things about today.

1] I am officially on vacation till 2012 {sounds so exotic doesn't it?}
2] My fridge is full of items for baking goodness {somebody is going to get fat this year....And that somebody just doesn't give a damn at this moment in time. Mmm, cookies......and Mr. Gym, you and I can talk in the new year}.
3] I have wrapped all my christmas presents real Fancy like. I figured I should do something that has a reference towards my blog title. {Check back tomorrow for a sneak peek of the gifts and some styling suggestions}.
4] Husband's birthday was yesterday. I meant to cook him breakfast and serve it to him in bed, but we went out the night before and I was a little *sick* the next day {proud moment as a wife. getting hung-over on her husband's birthday. real nice}, but I made up for it amongst some other things we did in bed {and he said that I was a super wife for that, hehe}. Maybe the breakfast will happen tomorrow....
5] My house smells absolutely deliscious. It's probably because of the 30 candles I have burning at this very moment in time. I have a candle problem. I need help. Seriously.
6] I finally hung up the pictures in my bedroom, which is starting to look so mature. Which is also making me feel so grown-up {no more mish-mashed room for this woman!}. Just don't tell my mother about the grown-up part....she's waiting for grandchildren, which is apparently what 'Grown-up's Do".
7] I just found out that the post I did on DIY Cranberry Lime Vodka has officially just gone over 72,000 hits. Holy schmoly....that must have been a good post. Thanks friends for the love.
8] I am going to try to read an entire book this week, and not spend any money. {I bet $20 on me completing the first one. Oh crap....I just tried to spend money. Okay, starting now.....}
9] Apparently when husband has to work nights, I resort to eating like a 10 year old child again. Kraft dinner with Hot dog pieces mixed in was on the menu last night. Oh boy, this is going to be a long 4 days.
10] Happy Christmas Week to all you wonderful people who might still reading this. Much love my Lovelies.


  1. I was one of the hits for the Cranberry Lime Vodka. Could you post your recipe for a Crantini today. I wanted to give a recipe when I gave out the bottle of vodka. Thanks again!

  2. I found your blog through a pin someone stuck on pinterest of your cranberry vodka!

  3. Anonymous: About to post your crantini recipe now :) Hope you enjoy it.

    Christine: That's awesome. It was crazy how many people found my blog through pinterest {such an awesome site!}. Did you receive your MAC giveaway goodies yet? I mailed them early last week.

  4. I am loving your blog! I also found you through Pinterest.......Merry Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas to you too Tanya! And thanks so much!


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