Thursday, December 1, 2011

.My First Fancy Giveaway.

Just as the post title reads, this my friends, is my very First Fancy Giveaway!!
Can I get a Whoo Hoo!!
These MAC limited edition lip glosses could be yours to keep!
Aren't they just lovely?!?!
I wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to all the Fancy Napkin readers, new and old, and I hope you enjoy this giveaway as much as I am going to enjoy giving it to one of you!
{and who doesn't enjoy a little MAC love every now and again?}
I personally think that these are the best colors out of MAC's new Holiday line in the lip gloss department {or rather Dazzleglass and Cremesheen glass lips department} and I am super excited to give this little duo away to one lucky Fancy Napkin reader!!
{and remember! you can only get these colors in a pack at Christmas!}
Here I've modelled the coral lip gloss to entice you to hopefully enter
{and not to worry, this is my OWN personal lip gloss modelled here....yours will be shiny and brand-spanking new!}     
Here's what you have to do to Enter:
1. 'Follow' me on my blog {for all my current follower's, your names will be automatically entered}, and then I will do a random # draw.

***For those of you not sure how to do that, it's really easy, just click on the 'Join this Site' under the FOLLOW ME section and then 'Create a new Google Account'. Then just put in your email address that you already have {it doesn't have to be a hotmail or yahoo account, just use what you have} and then pick a password, and TA-DAH!
Pretty Easy right?
I will draw the winner Monday, December 5th. So make sure you check back here to see if you've won. 
Good Luck Friends and Thanks for reading!!!


  1. what Gloss and lip stick are you wearing in your picture on the top of your page? I like the nude look.

    ps... great site by the way! :)

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  3. Thank you so much for offering such a fun and generous giveaway! :)

  4. Just so you know I didn't start following just for the give away.... I didn't know how to use my shaw account, but now that you told us I think it worked!!

  5. worries. Thanks for following regardless. That's sweet of you.

    Cindy...good luck with the giveaway :)

    trendy wendy....I know Nik at athoughtinthemindof personally, and mentioned that I thought she had a great idea about the giveaway and that I was hoping it would generate some followers and also give a thanks to my readers, and yes upon reading your comment our wording is close, but I in no way am plagiarizing her, I'm simply giving directions on how to follow step by step. I think all directions will sound the same if it's a step by step process. I adore Nik and continue to be inspired by her, but would never "copy" her work, nor anyone else's. I hope that clears some things up.....


  6. I just started following you the other day... good timing!

  7. My evening of feeling merry after Christmas shopping all night was cut short when I saw this comment :(

    I love The Fancy Napkin, and I have known Erinn for almost 10years. I do not think she is "copying" me at all. Even if she did get an idea for the instructions on how to sign up from my previous post, or anything like that... that's all it is... I don't feel like it is plagiarism at all! They are just simple words. That's just silly! It is very simple instructions!

    Let's not take away from what this is... a chance to win some sweet stuff!! Great pick on the lip gloss Erinn!

    And thank you to the person who msg'd me about this. I don't always read the comments people leave on someone else's blog. But I am glad that I was made aware of this because, not to be rude but.... it's bullshit :)

    Haha! Great post Erinn, and good luck to all the followers on scoring this give-a-way!!!


  8. Oh that gloss is heaven!! I would love to win.


    cindeescraps at yahoo dot com

  9. Nik: I LOVE you woman.

    CindeeQ and Christine: Good luck new friends :)

    Stormi: It's either MAC Blankety lipstick or MAC Honeylove lipstick, with MAC Luminary on top for gloss. Both are gorgeous with the Luminary lipgloss, and I can't completely remember what color lipstick it was, but they are so close you can't go wrong with either. Hope that helps :)

  10. I follow via GFC! thanks for the chance :)
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  11. Those colours look great on you!

  12. Lovely giveaway ...

    is it international ??
    following you as Shaashii
    Email :

  13. This is awesome! I now follow as Dee via gfc and love your sleek and beautiful site. :)

    thanks for the chance!

    deeg131 at gmail dot com

  14. Those colors look amazing. Thank you for the giveaway.

  15. Wow! this looks amazing, it'd be great to win! i follow on gfc as christina!

    cgul689 at gmail dot com

  16. Hi Everyone!! Good Luck and Yes, this is open to International Followers :)


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