Monday, December 5, 2011

.Who I am.

Who I Am...

I am...29 years old. and happy.
I travel the world.
I want...a baby.
I have...a wickedly funny husband. and a wonderful life.
I hate...onions!
I fear...jellyfish. like majorly.
I hear...silence. its a very quiet house now. 
I search...for creativity in all things.
I wonder...what my future children will look like {i hope they have husband's cute nose}
I regret...nothing because I am where life wants me to be.
I husband. more than anything.
I ache...when I see an animal without a home.
I always...say what's on my mind. and it sometimes gets me into trouble.
I before bed every night. currently enjoying The Night Circus.
I am not...going to change who I am for anyone. i sort of like me.
I dance...with husband late late at night. usually after a couple of drinks....
I sing...but not well {you do not want to be in my car when 'Tornado 87' comes on}
I never...go to bed with makeup on. and you shouldn't either.
I sometimes...think red-ish brown hair would look nice on me.
I crave...gummy bears. and slurpees {aka. slushie's}.
I know...that life isn't always perfect, but it's pretty darn fun living it.
I cry...everytime I think of my grandpa norm. i miss him. a lot. {also of my bella}
I am not always...rational.
I tickle fights with my husband. seriously. it happens.
I am people who don't like animals {what don't you like about unconditional love?!}
I stop listening to negative people. weed out the garden, so to say.
I should...never stop trying.

Who Are You?



    check it yo.

  2. Did and loved it :)
    Left a comment my love.

  3. Yay! Excited, thanks so much! I just emailed you.

  4. Do you get paid for endorsing various brand names?

  5. Anonymous: Oh, absolutely not. I'm afraid, I'm not that important where I get anything sent my way, ha. All these opinions are 100% my own, and are based from using them myself. I truly love all the products I talk about, here or any other post.



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