Thursday, December 22, 2011


m = morgan
I have had SUCH a fun time wrapping gifts this year. Seriously. 
It could be that I have a fetish for all things stationary, or that I am on vacation and have a little extra time on my hands, or maybe even that I am getting a little more creative in the crafting department.....who knows....but I do know that this weekend I was covered in bows, ribbon, craft paper, and tape.
I also most certainly think pinterest didn't help matters with all those pretty present pictures floating around, but there I was the other night. Just wrapping away.
{this is where I was thinking about busting out a few rap lyrics for you to play on the "wrapping" pun, but I got nothing...and the little rap that I do know has a lot of pussy cats in it, if you know what I mean.....}
So here's a few pictures of my pretty presents this year. I used plain craft paper {that is, until I ran out of it!} and a lot of ribbons.
I also didn't use many name tags, just stickers with the recipient's letter on it.
All in all, I'm pretty pleases with them and hope you like them too.
k = kelsey
**And check back later when I finally have my video tutorial edited on how to make your very own pretty chiffon flowers to add to your presents! Cute and Super personalized! Will be done tonight. xx


  1. I bought brown paper this year too- I love that look! I love wrapping gifts- more than going out and doing the shopping, that's for sure!

  2. Christine: It's weird, this year I felt the exact same...and usually I enjoy the shopping part so much more. It also helps that I'm not wrapping the night before, like I normally do. Guess it pays to be organized!
    ps. went out to the mall today, and it was nuts.....blah. I feel so sorry for everyone still having to go out there and buy gifts.


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