Friday, August 19, 2011

.Balloons & A Birthday Week.

As most of you know, last thursday was my Birthday. And in these parts you don't get to celebrate just one day, you get yourself a certified Birthday Week. Yes, people. A Week.
And I Haven't even told you all about it!!! 
It was such a lovely week. Filled with all my favorite people
And boy-oh-boy, I got soooo spoiled this year. Like I must have saved some drowning children kind of spoiled. 
It started out with a lovely shopping & dinner date with one of my friends, Miss Fiona, the day before my actual birthday. We sipped wine and munched on some grub, and had just a lovely night filled with great conversation. We also checked off a couple things on her wedding To-Do list, which probably pleases me as much as it pleases her {I have a thing about weddings and a checklist}.
Then my actual day of birth rolled around, and it started off a little troublesome. And when I say troublesome, I actually mean it was outright awful. My poor Bella, was sick as can be. And It was pretty bad people {I'll save you the descriptive words}. So I took her to the vet thinking the most terrible things {because I am a worry-wort, and because she means the world to me}.
Can you imagine how awful it was to think that something terrible was going to happen to your sweet innocent baby? Especially on your birthday? After this, I can't imagine motherhood is going too be easy!
The old girl just got herself a case of Beaver Fever! She was going to LIVE! The happiness I felt I cannot describe.
So we got her cleaned up, filled her med's, and it was an instant relief. To her + myself.
How could you NOT fall madly in love with this face? How?
Then we headed out to dinner to a new restaurant we'd been killing to try. Niche. It only has 36 seats in it {yes, it's teeny tiny} and it was perfect. The right balance of coziness, hipster, and warm.
Niche, Via Vue Weekly. 
Myself, Husband, Poppa, Sister, Poppa's Girlfriend, and Sister's Boyfriend {Joyce & Mikael, respectively} all plopped our tushes down at a table and had one of the funnest nights out. Good wine {actually great wine!}, delicious food, and laughter all night. In my books, that's a Perfect Evening.
My 2 Favorite Men! My Father and Husband!
My Sister, her boyfriend Mikael, and Joyce.
And because I'm a huge food addict, I have to share what we had.
To start, we had the Tomato & Bocconcini Salad, The Goat Cheese Spread, and the Prawn Special {x2}.
Delicious! Delicious! Delicious!
Then Peter had the Smoked Tuna Salad. And he Highly recommends it.
And I devoured the weekly special, Snapper in a wine sauce. 
Birthday Girl with her Hubby
Getting spoiled rotten!!
The Happy Table!!!!
Thanks for a Wonderful Night!
ps. stay tuned for a picture montage of the Birthday BBQ......


  1. Lainey PascoeAugust 19, 2011

    your blog is absolutely lovely and always charming and delightful to read xx

  2. Thanks Lainey!! You're comments are always so kind and thoughtful. Thanks for reading, I appreciate the support! xx


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