Thursday, August 11, 2011

.It's my Birthday, shout Hooray!

Today is my Birthday!
So-shout-hooray-cause-it's-my-day-my-true-blue-through-and-through-allowed-to-be-a-princess-too-day-to celebrate!
{Ok. that wasn't the greatest rhyme time I've ever come up with, but.....It's My Birthday!}
Yes. The rumors are true. I'm now 29, and feeling......well...sort of Emotional.  I mean, this is truly my last hurrah with a '2' in front of it. Can you believe that? Egad. My last year to scream to the World that 'I, Erinn Trebaczkiewicz, am Twenty-something Years Old'. Kinda freaky. But also kinda freakishly wonderful because I have a feeling that when that special number '3-something' finally rolls around this time next year, there will be some pretty darn special reasons to smile. And then the whole next phase of life starts. And that's pretty cool.
So Happy Last Twenties Birthday to Me. I think it's going to be a Wonderful Day.
ps. please all shout out a little prayer to my sick puppy today.

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