Friday, August 26, 2011

.Party Fabulous.

Last night was my first Stella & Dot Party.
Otherwise known as My Launch Party!!! Whoo Hoo!!
A smashing success!
Not only did I have a FREAKING blast, but I think all my family and friends really loved the jewelry as much as I do.
 {And isn't that what's its all about....sharing your new 'style finds' with all the peeps you love?}
We sipped on wine and sunshine swizzle punch {with some adding a little pear vodka too it}. We ate some munchies, like Fiona's pita chips and hummus and my assortment of fancy-schmancy cheeses.
We chatted and laughed. We adorned each other in jewels. We listened to some hip and happening tunes. We shopped till we dropped. And everyone left smiling.
The La Coco Jet Necklace with Feather Brooch. 
Joyce and Kelsey warming up to do some damage.
If that's what a 'ladies home shopping' party is all about, Sign me up weekly please!!
Prepping the table and wearing the La Coco Pearl Necklace with Feather Spotted Brooch.
My stunning little sister, Kelsey, browsing a Stella catalogue.
Fiona really getting into the S+D Catalogue
My Beautiful Mom and My Awesome next-door Neighbour {who's little wee one is arriving in a month!}
My sooooo wonderful momma, not only brought some wine and brownies, but she also gave me this beautiful vase on flowers! The best part was the card thoughtful and adorable is that?
From My Thoughtful Mom. Love you Terri {with an 'i"}.
Thank you to Friends and Family for being so supportive. You all shined brighter than the pretty jewels tonight. And I love you all. xx
Friends trying things on
The Gorgeous Chantilly Lace Earrings and Cuff. One of my Favorites.
Me, cleaning up my many gems + babbles. Happy and a little exhausted.
AND not too sound like a saleswoman, but if anyone else wants to host a party {and you live in the Edmonton + surrounding area}, please leave me a message. You get mega free jewelry and discounts galore. Totally worth the effort of just gathering some friends together for some fun.
I can also put together an online order {} if you just love something too death and simply can't make a party. I got the hook-up, Yo!


  1. I wish I could have made it, looks and sounds like it was a blast. I just took a quick peek at the site and I think I will definitely order some things through you in the near-ish future. :)



  2. That would be Lovely K! We'll have to set up a private viewing in the near future :)


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