Wednesday, August 31, 2011

.Neighbourly Love.

Today I would like to talk about Neighbours.
Neighbours. Oh, Neighbours.
What an explosive topic of conversation this can be
Sometimes you get the People from Hell {imagine Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation movie and you understand what I mean. Not the Grizwolds of course {because they would be utterly awesome neighbours} but THEIR next-door neighbours. You know the clean ones}.
Neighbours that only cut their side of your shared lawn. Neighbours that never wave or say 'Hi'. Neighbours that just pretend that you don't exist even though your houses are practically touching. 
Grumpy, Miserable Neighbours.
Sometimes you luck out and get some Pretty Fantastic People. People who stop on the front porch to talk with you when you get home for an hour, just to see what's new. Neighbours who give you their house key just in case you need to borrow something, like milk. Neighbours who offer to help you build your deck. Neighbours who are close to the grocery store and offer to pick up those two cans of tomato paste that you forgot to grab for last night's Spaghetti dinner {yes, this happened}.
Yes. Sometimes you get so very lucky.
Chris + Twyla have fast become very good friends of ours in our short time living next to one another. We've done BBQ's, Dinner's, Drinks, Hot Tubs, and just plain ol' Patio Chilling. We've gone out together, got drunk together, and have babysat the kids{okay, I don't have kids yet, but I just know Twyla would be there in a heart beat if needed}.
So last week, when they invited us over to their parents house {which they where house sitting} for dinner, we jumped at the chance.
And holy-schmoly where we blown away. Not only by the beauty of the landscape, but also by Chris' secret cooking talents. Just when you think you know a guy....BAM {as Emeril would say} he throws this amazing dinner at you!
So we started out by picking all fresh ingredients straight out of the garden. How cool is that?!?!? 
It was stocked full of the most tasty looking veggies and herbs I've ever seen! There must have been something of everything!
FYI: I am a little upset with myself for not taking some pictures of the landscape and the ginormous garden they have out there.
So after gathering our goodies for dinner, our personal chef {aka. Chris} prepared this amazing appetizer.
Lobster, with a mango, pea and asparagus puree.
OMG was is ever delicious. I wanted to lick my plate.
Wow, right? Straight out of a cooking magazine!!
For our main course, he made Salmon steaks {which where cooked to perfection. Flaky inside, crispy outer}. It was served with all our fresh grilled veggies and some damn delicious mashed potatoes.
It was the perfect evening. 
Thank you Friends. Next time it's our turn.
SIDE NOTE: Might I also mention that my lovely neighbour swung by today and dropped off these little goodies.....I only saved one for Peter. And I want that recipe. xx

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