Monday, August 8, 2011

.How to Pack like a Camper.

If you know me at all, you would probably say I was pretty organized {even a little neurotic about it}. I love planning, and I love my endless checklists.
However, I truly suck at packing when I travel. 
I don't know what is wrong with me. I make my lists, which have everything on it, and then I get out into the Big Ol' Wide World, and BAM. I have forgotten something.
Ask Husband. He anticipates it every time we go somewhere.
So in theme with my Summer Camping posts, I have included my newly-revamped {yes, revamped because I had forgotten a couple things on my last camping trip}, Camping Essentials List.
See, what I had decided to do, was get me this lovely rubbermaid container and fill it with some odds n' sodds that I had around the house. A Camping Grab N' Go. Things like old cutting boards, cheapo knives, pots and pans, extra batteries, etc. Then I store it all together so that it's organized and ready to go whenever a wild whim grabs our attention. 
Hope this leads you {and me} in the right direction.
The Camp Essentials Lists:
Cooking Supplies:
Flat grill pan {if you can find one. Great for hamburgers, toast, etc}
Old Pan {also, you may notice some bags under each to prevent the black smudge from transferring}
Old Pot {I forgot this the last time around. oops}
Cutting Boards {I had some old ones lying around that where perfect!}
Scrubber {to wash your dishes}
Sharp Knives
Big Fork + Spoon
Plates + Bowls
Bowls {I only have a small one here, but recommend a big one for washing dishes, etc}
Paper towel
Ziploc Bags {I went with 2 sizes}
Tin Foil {sooo very important when camp cooking}
Big Garbage Bags (multiple!)
Dish towels {for drying}
Disinfectant spray or gel {to clean grimy hands}
Lighter {long nozzle = the better}
Newspaper {for starting fires}
Roasting Spear {better than the old-fashioned branch}
Dish Soap {I put mine in this itty-bitty container for easy shipping}
Salt n' Pepper
Oil {I like Olive oil or Vegetable oil}
Garlic cloves {I suggest buying the already minced jars}
Mustard {I placed mine in a small container, like the soap}
Cheese {sliced}
Buns {assorted}
Water bottles {you will NEED this!}
Hot Dogs
Apples {or any sort of fruit is always nice}
Graham Crackers {hello! S'mores!}
Trail Mix
Juice or Soda
Sleeping Bag
Air mattress {+ Pump}
Lawn Chairs
Toilet Paper
Bungee Cords
First Aid Kit
Tarp {pack 2, you will use them}
Batteries {I threw in some AA's, and a pack of C's. These seem the be the ones used most}
Mosquito Spray + Coils
Advil or Tylenol
Books, Magazines, etc
Extra Blankets

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  1. This is a very thorough list, well done! There a few leisure items I would include (like my personal favorite my folding hammock) but you definitely have all the essentials down and then some. I have multiples of most this stuff that I've accumulated over the years. I'm a sucker for a deal and I'll pick up stuff I don't need from The Sportsman's Guide's, camping section just to try them out on the next trip. I have at least 2 or 3 ready to go camping kits like the one you have above haha! Thanks for the laugh, great post!


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