Tuesday, August 9, 2011

.Lusting After.

.....Anything at Chapters!
Seriously dudes & dudettes, they have some very cool 'house' items! I could have gone nutzo in there. And then husband would have been very, very mad at his wife.
So I decided that I would internet browse and pretend I was made of a million dollars.
Here's what I would have brought home. All of it.

Flower Stems Pillow - Tumeric. I would need a few of these for sure. $39.50 each

Antique Owl Globe - $39.50
Moss Stitch Throw - grey $55.00
Wood Mantle Clock - Grey$39.99
Glass Carafe with Wood Ball - $22.50
Ash Wood and Linen Picture Frame $44.50
Small Cream Brie Baker - $19.99
Linen/Cotton Tea Towel - $24.00
Cursive Mug - T - $8.00
Interlocking Wooden Placemat - $16.50
Wall Clock Mr. White - $79.99
Large Lacquer Box - White $29.50
White Owl Bookends - $39.99
Big Black Book of Recipes - $29.99

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