Thursday, August 4, 2011

.Camping: Fifteen Things.

Fifteen things I learned while camping with Husband a few weeks back.
1:: One case of Beer a day is not enough for Husband.
2:: Our dog will forever be a scaredy-cat, and will forever love the water.
3::Husband is quite the fire wood collector {And if you keep encouraging him aloud, he gets even more of it}.
4:: You can't make smores without graham crackers. So don't forget them next time.
5:: I can pop up a tent like no-one's business.
6:: You know your content and in love when you can just sit together in silence and be absolutely happy. A complete sense of comfort. {ps. can you spot the P + E}
7:: Feeding husband jalapeno + cheddar smokies or hamburgers will give him far more superior gas than usual.
8:: Husband has more romance in him than I thought; he bought me a tri-pod and a new camera lens so that we can take 'nice family pictures' together.
9:: Oasis {the band} sounds just as good in the forest as it does in our house. Husband made sure of it.
10:: Eggs taste better on an open flame campfire {but only with husband behind the pan}
11:: I am married to a Real-Life Hero. Husband saved Bella's ball from the wild, freezing rapids.
12:: Sperry's really are an amazing water shoe. So are fuzzy socks by a roasting camp fire.
13: Wilderness mosquito's are more stupid than city mosquito's, but there's so many more of them. And they do not stop. Deet-laced bug spray or not. And when they bite you in some unmentionable parts, husband will still laugh at you when you scratch them.
14:: Husband can do an amazing Sagittarius impression {fyi: we found this bow at our camp}
15:: I love this man more than anything. I also love his little buddy here.

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