Tuesday, August 16, 2011

.The Earth Children Series.

Today's book review is only on half of the Earth Children's Series of books. 
Book 1
I am currently on the 3rd book {there's 6 in total} and wanted to do a review so that I don't forget what's going on with the first 3. So here we are.
From what I'm finding {remember I'm only on the 3rd}, these novels as a whole, are a story about self-discovery, adventure, love, and growth.
Book 2
Jean M. Auel has done a wonderful job on writing these too. Her story is set in the Ice Age time, and her descriptions on geography and culture really had me believing that I was actually there. Sometimes so much so, that I was skimming over some of the descriptions because if may have slowed things up for me and I was desperate to find out what was going to happen next! So now that I think of it {and as I'm writing this} I'm realizing that it may have even been a tad too descriptive {but that's just me}.
Book 3
As for the characters, I really connected with Ayla {the main character} and her perspective on things. In the first book, she is found as a child who grows up with a neanderthal clan which different from her birth clan {she's cro-magnon}. She must fight to fit in, is bullied, extremely inquisitive, must learn the clan's ways quickly and chalk full of emotions. She challenges herself in everything that she does, and strives to find more too life. She lives with her feelings on her sleeves, but must adapt to keep that too herself as it's just not allowed in this new clan. I enjoyed the interactions with her 'family' and the unique ways they did things to survive. Actually, I was in awe of their innovation and inventions. 
Book 4
Also, in the second book, I really enjoyed the love story that finally developed for Ayla and Jondalar. That could be one of the only thing missing from the first book: a Love story. So with the introduction of some new characters in the 2nd book, you start to learn more about the sexy times had back in this time era. You really start rooting for Ayla and Jondalar to find each other through out the book, and when they finally so....Fireworks!
Book 5
Book 3 dives into the journey with Ayla and Jondalar as they make there journey together. I'm only in the middle of the novel, but am loving the exchange between these two characters. They have to cross many obstacles and without giving anything away, a nice surprise comes into play around the middle of this novel. Well, that's as far as I've gotten so far, but I do know one thing. I will not be stopping till I'm done each and every one! Only 3 more to go!
Book 6
Let me know what you thought of the series. If you liked them, loved them, or even hated them. Who was your favorite character? Which book was your favorite? What did you think of the different clans?

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