Tuesday, August 30, 2011

.Surprise Date Night.

First off.....MY HUSBAND is so FREAKING COOL.
And Wonderful.
And Sexy.
And Sweet.
And just about the most Awesome of Awesomest People {yes, that's a word. try it out.}
Why you ask?
He surprised me with a Date Night {last Saturday} that was just heavenly!
The atmosphere, the music, the food, the man. It all just played out to be one of those happy + perfect nights. Love you Mister.
So let me back up a bit......last week husband told me about a little dinner surprise that he had planned for Saturday night. I was to make zero/zilch/Nada plans with anyone so that he could take me somewhere that he had been eyeing up for a few days.
So I listened like the good wife that I am. And I was so happy that I did.
We got a little dressed up, and husband drove to our destination....All the way to 118th street {now for those of you who don't live in the vicinity of Edmonton, let me inform you that this isn't the classiest part of town}, which had me more than a little curious. Actually kinda worried.
But then I saw it.
 A brand-spanking new restaurant, which we basically opened up, called NOLA.
And it was a Creole Kitchen. 
My Absolute newest FAVORITE flavors of food. I seriously just can't seem to get me enough Cajun spice. Oh New Orleans, how I wish you where my next door neighbour. We would be bestest of friends. 
The atmosphere was pretty cool. The food was scrumptious...They even had authentic crawfish! With an authentic chef straight out of the Big Easy armed with his grandmother's homemade recipes {prepare for salivating.....}
We started out with a couple of drinks off the cocktail list. Me with a Mint Julep {a southern classic, bourbon with honey + mint. Oh yum} and Husband tasting the Cajun Bloody Mary {spiced with horseradish}. We also dipped into the free corn bread with honey butter. Yum. Yum.
Then we dived into the BBQ Shrimp with white cheddar grits as an appetizer.
Which, I am convinced that I will be tasting those grits in my dreams.
Then we shared the Crawfish Salad, which is like nothing you will have ever had before. Not 1 piece of lettuce in the whole plate. Potatoes, Crawfish, Beans, Asparagus, Sausage. All spiced with the perfect blend of Cajun. Oh Yum. Possibly the best 'salad' we've both ever had.
Then for our mains, Pete ordered the Oven-Fried Chicken with Buttermilk mashed potatoes {I mean, can you get anymore south than that?}, and I ordered the Crawfish Etoufee with Rice and Veggies.
Both where very tasty meals, however, I do have to mentioned that I'm not the biggest fan of just 'one' dish meals so that's my only real complaint with mine. Other than that the food was Delicious and very reasonably priced. I'd definitely go back again. And again.
Oh and did I mention that Nola has live music every night?
Well, they most certainly do!
And that's exactly how we finished our night {we stayed for about 4 hours, that's how nice of an evening we had there!}, with some pints of delicious dark beer, and listening to one hell of a musician.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce a new friend, Brian McLeod {on the right}.
He has the voice of an angel. A gentle soul. And He is going to be big. Mark my words.
Here's a video. And it gives a very cool short story of his young, but exciting life. Enjoy Friends.

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