Tuesday, January 3, 2012

.Bye, Bye Vacation.

Basically you need to know these three things:
1) That these are THE MOST comfortable pants. 
2) This shirt has pink ponies on it.
3) That I just had the most marvelous first weekend of the new year
{Which included, but was not limited to}
::Eating way too much food goodness. and I didn't even have to cook once.
::Sleeping in till 10. Glorious sleep-ins with husband. my fav. we where like teenagers again!
::A huge cleaning sesh. it was sooo needed.
::Getting absolutely spoiled rotten with backrubs. SPOILED. ROTTEN. husband is so kind.
::Dancing in the New Year in at a local Jazz club. {and you thought edmonton didn't have jazz clubs....}
::Still scoring on some boxing day goodness. gotta love sales! whoo hoo.
::An invigorating early morning hot tub. with coffee {+baileys} & my sweet man.
::Lots and lots of husband snuggles. he's so good for that.
::Desperately wishing for just one more week of vacation goodness. And maybe then I can start real life again. and that's a BIG maybe.....
Sigh. Vacation, you were good to me this year. 


  1. I love your attire! I mean I wouldn’t really wear this shirt though it looks cool on you, but I like the pants and the whole color combo works so well.

  2. You are looking so fresh after vacations. Your outfit is just perfect for the first day after vacations. Because you should look good on first day of week.


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