Tuesday, January 3, 2012

.Bye, Bye Vacation.

Basically you need to know these three things:
1) That these are THE MOST comfortable pants. 
2) This shirt has pink ponies on it.
3) That I just had the most marvelous first weekend of the new year
{Which included, but was not limited to}
::Eating way too much food goodness. and I didn't even have to cook once.
::Sleeping in till 10. Glorious sleep-ins with husband. my fav. we where like teenagers again!
::A huge cleaning sesh. it was sooo needed.
::Getting absolutely spoiled rotten with backrubs. SPOILED. ROTTEN. husband is so kind.
::Dancing in the New Year in at a local Jazz club. {and you thought edmonton didn't have jazz clubs....}
::Still scoring on some boxing day goodness. gotta love sales! whoo hoo.
::An invigorating early morning hot tub. with coffee {+baileys} & my sweet man.
::Lots and lots of husband snuggles. he's so good for that.
::Desperately wishing for just one more week of vacation goodness. And maybe then I can start real life again. and that's a BIG maybe.....
Sigh. Vacation, you were good to me this year. 

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