Monday, January 30, 2012

.Fifteen things and a baby.

Fifteen things I learned while having an eight-month-old baby spend the night.
one] baby socks are possibly the cutest things. like, ever.
two] baby smiles in the morning are the best.
three] feeding babies baby food is my fav. i just adore it. those little spoons, that messy face. fun fun fun.
four] bath time is super great too, but be prepared to get just as wet as the baby in it.
five] reading and snuggling is simply the most peaceful thing on earth. such a sweet & personal moment.
six] it's true that you don't get much sleep. no rumor there. 
seven] you don't need to buy expensive toys to keep them happy. for example tv remotes work great!
eight] they poop ridiculous amounts....
nine] ......and it's really stinky.
he does really like babies, i promise....he just hates the camera, hence the scowl.
ten] babies actually like husband. a lot. and he likes them too....until they chew the remote. ha! 
eleven] my husband is damn sexy with a baby. just saying. so delicate and sweet. my heart just swelled.
twelve] babies require a lot of stuff. i think i'll go broke in preparation for our own children.
thirteen] momma's really leave themselves last. not that i'm a mommy, but i didn't brush my teeth till 10 a.m. because i was busy preparing babes for the day. a shower? when?!
fourteen] i adore the smell of baby. you should bottle that stuff up. i would call it 'sweet innocence' and lather my body in it.
fifteen] baby food is actually kinda tasty, although nasty looking. strawberry apple puffs? yes, please!


  1. Tamara SchofieldJanuary 30, 2012

    Don't be fooled by the "fun" of it for a night or two! Love my babies to death but there have been many times I've locked myself in the pantry or bathroom and just cried!

    1. Oh dear! This both made me smile and cringe! haha, but yes, I could imagine that myself doing that too after more thn just a couple's quite exhausting really. Then they smile and you just melt......

  2. I got excited when I saw the title in the reader- I thought you were having one of your own!

    I think babies really are like puppies, except they're around longer and you can't leave them a crate while you leave. But, seriously, it's a rough go while you're breaking them in and you never seem to get anything done. But then, one day, they start getting the hang of things. And then they grow up and everyone is happy and calm. The end.

    Or something like that.


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